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Saturday, May 02, 2015



More and more people are getting comfortable with photo editing using typical mobile apps such as PhotoGrid, Mei Tu Xiu Xiu, PicsArt Photo Studio and others. The process is undeniably easy and convenient. However, it is not possible to compare a mobile app’s basic editing ability to a real human’s editing using sophisticated software such as the Adobe Photoshop.

There is a mobile app for the iPhone created to serve the purpose of having professionals to do the photo editing work under a very low cost. It is called the Retouchify. As the name itself suggests, this mobile app is meant to retouch photos so that they look more professional looking. What makes it different from other mobile apps is that the images are edited personally by photo designers.

Sometimes, you may have captured a very nice photo of something or even someone but sadly, the quality of the photo is poor. Fret not then. There is a solution with Retouchify. They can fix it right for you; at least improve its quality to be slightly better.

To learn how to use the Photoshop will require some real effort time. Hence, why not skip the process and pass the work to a professional in this field with just the cost of 99 cents per photo? You probably do not need to acquire the photo editing skill just to edit a few photos. Things can be done easier by just hiring someone else to do it for you.

Of course, other than the Retouchify, there are other alternatives to achieve the same objective. However, of all methods that I have come across so far, I think the Retouchify is the most recommended one. From Fiverr, you can easily find graphic designers to do the editing work for you. However, they will most likely charge you a minimum of $5 for per photo editing service. Comparing 99 cents and $5, you can clearly see the huge difference between those two prices.

Assuming that you have captured a load of convocation or even engagement images and want them to look better in the economic way, then the Retouchify is really a good choice. It is really advisable to give this mobile app a try. After all, it is much cheaper than what you can get from other vendors and the quality is proven to be quite satisfying.

The Retouchify is very effective and cost friendly. Most people are happy with the result that they get from their service. It is definitely well recommended for anyone who needs their photos edited to look more perfect. Examples of their editing photos can be viewed from their Facebook album here:


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