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Monday, May 04, 2015

Paid Books


Good things must be shared. I came across a fantastic website that offers something too good to believe it is true. Yet, it is really true and so good that I would like to share with you readers.

Books can be expensive in certain countries. In Malaysia, a novel written by Cecelia Ahern for example will cost around RM 25 – 35 (which is approximately 7 USD – 10 USD). To the Americans, maybe this is cheap but to Malaysians, it is costly. Hence, reading is sometimes an expensive hobby to maintain. The prices of the books obviously will be one of the factors that discouraged people from reading.

For book lovers who cannot afford to pay to read, have you ever wondered if there is any where you can get free books? A new website called Paid Books is created with such a splendid and wonderful though behind, with the aim to encourage people to read. Instead of having you to pay to read, they pay you when you read every single page.

Do you doubt what I just said above? Please don’t because I’m telling the truth.

This is how it works. You need to sign up for an account. After that, log in to the site and you can begin reading as normal and you will get paid. They pay 20 satoshi per minute while you’re reading on their website. To verify each claim, you will need to click the ‘claim’ button to confirm your claim. Between claims, you are free to browse through the website or even just continue reading your book, and claim every time you’re able. Basically, it is to ensure that people really stay in front of the laptop and not opening the page and leave it there. Then, that will defeat the purpose of the website at the first place.

So far, they have managed to load about 50+ books to their website: As time passes, they are intending to add more books to the list. By the time you finish reading the last book, they probably have added new books to be read.

They, the is part of the Bitcoin Aliens family of websites want to introduce bitcoin to the world. At the same time, they are passionate and serious about paying you to read books online. By setting up the page, it is an act of killing two birds with one stone.

Basically, the Paid Books will be paying you a small amount of Bitcoin every 5 minutes that you spend reading any of the books on the website. The money acts as an incentive and motivation for people to read. Even if they do not pay, I still think it is worth recommending this site to anybody who loves and wishes to read free books. After all, you actually already gain advantage when you get to read those books for free.


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