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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Search for it Here


Setting up business listing is one of the phases that every entrepreneur has to go through. There are different vendors offering the same service but they all charge different prices. In order to gain the most profit from your business, it is important to make a wise decision in selecting the right vendor. Do keep in mind that one who sells expensive does not necessarily mean that the quality is equivalent to its price. Sometimes, it can turn out very disappointing when you have paid a high price but the quality of the work is below par.

If you are new and in the mid of looking one reliable vendor who can do business listing for you, try and consider Search for it Here  

They are recommended for their tempting low prices but excellent quality service. They provide affordable plans for any size businesses. Whether the scale of your business is just a small shop or as big as having a few franchises in different places, they are the people you should go to. Their paid plans are loaded with great features.

Basically, they provide 3 different plans:
  • Diamond Plan (most recommended)
  • Costs: $19.00 per month.
  • Includes $88.00 featured listing.
  • Keeps your business plans scrolled every 15 minutes.

Silver Plan
  • Costs: $12 per month.
  • Offers a Video Snippet (effective to convey your message or use for a consumer’s review).

Bronze Plan
  • Free

BUT of course, it is not going to give the similar effects to what the Diamond Plan and Silver Plan do. Note that all their paid plans are loaded. The prices of both paid plans are truly affordable and instead of wasting time on a free plan, why not invest a small amount of money and get your business sales multiplied?

The above bullet points are brief aspects of the three plans. To know more, you should check up this page:

If you are back to reading this after checking up the link in the previous line, you will notice that the Diamond plan is really the best deal to pick. The privileges that come along from the plan are obviously a lot more as compared to the other plans. Also, only the Diamond Listings will appear as Featured Listings. Then, they are randomly rotated.

The Diamond plan is the most in-demand plan among the plans offered by Search for it Here. If you do businesses, you will understand the simple theory of investment and expected profit. If you are willing to put in a little extra, you are to expect a higher turnaround. Of course, what you are paying for must come with its promising quality in order to fulfill that theory.

The Bronze free plan is good because it is free. Everybody likes free stuff but do know that you will only get basic services for zero payment. Instead of a whole list of useful services, you will be getting only title, address, phone, e-mail to friend, add to favourites, ratings and reviews under the Bronze plan. For every entrepreneur who aims to earn big money, this should not be the ideal choice for you. Certain expenses are needed in business making and that is what called as investments.

They also do bulk listings feature. The prices vary. You can consider this if you own between 2 – 5500 businesses. Save your pocket and get better rates from them. You are allowed to choose the great features of their Silver or Diamond plan. Each price is per listing per month. If you choose the Diamond plan, you will be given a promo code* for a Featured Banner placement as a bonus.

For the bulk listings, it is only applicable for the two paid plans. The Bronze free plan is not involved in this. If you own multiple businesses, it is a relief if you can find such bulk listing service. You can save a lot of money instead of doing one by one. Again here you see, this gives you another reason to choose the Diamond plan over the free plan. Though the Silver plan is good too but between the two, the Diamond plan obviously is a wiser choice. It only costs slightly more than the Silver’s. Those extra money paid will definitely pay off later.

To add on, they also do cheap banner advertising. For online businesses, banners are really effective advertising. However, it can be tedious and time wasting to do it by yourself (provided if you know graphic designs already). On the other hand, it can be expensive and a burden to your business budget. With Search for it Here, you can kill two birds with one stone. Hire them for business listing as well as banner advertising.

Stop looking anywhere else for affordable online business listings service. The Search for it Here is the perfect choice. 


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