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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pencil Case using Clever Blocks and Baymax

I made a pencil case for boyfriend. He doesn't have one or I should say the old one is already in a bad condition and a new one is needed for replacement. So, here's it. It's really large and gigantic but I thought the bigger the better. Then he can put lots of stuff inside, including a scientific calculator will not have a problem fitting in.

Ta-da.. I think the colours are quite vintage and it should be a good option for a clutch. Too bad this is meant for his pencil case. He wanted green and hmm I thought inserting some purple will be great.

Types of yarn: 
Qing Ren Cotton (情人棉)- all except for purple Thick Cotton (粗棉)
5 ply Milk Cotton - white for Baymax 
Minlon black knitting yarn for eyes embroidery 
Red unknown thread found in my mom's sewing box 
Crochet hook: 5mm 
Started project on: 11 May 2015 
Ended project on: 13 May 2015 

I got my inspiration from the clever block stitch from this video tutorial:

Chinese tutorial. Ah - but thankfully it is accurate and quite easy to follow once you understand the symbols used. I still prefer the English US written tutorial though. 
圆起 = Magic Ring
V = SC Increase  
X = SC 
XV = SC then SC Increase 
/\ = SC Decrease 

Slowly, I get less frustrated with sewing the tails in. 
It's still better than sewing the inner fabric and zipper.

My cousin's shirt, which I modified into a fabric inner. 
I think I'm pretty smart in recycling old clothes. Haha. 
Well, why have to go and get new cloth when I have so much of old clothes at home.
As you can see, my hand-stitches are.. hmm, amateur. That's the only thing I can describe.
Also, I'm impatient when it comes to hand sewing. 
So it often turns out looking quite.. I don't know, just isn't as neat as a machine sew.
I know I cannot compare hand sewn with machine's but still, it I have done it with more patience, it should turn out better, not.. like.. that.

He loves Baymax. 
Hence I decided to make it as a keychain since there's no holder to the zip that I bought.
It's my first time making stuff toy with crochet.. 
All I can say is that it isn't really a good experience. 
I don't think I enjoy making these stuff.. 
Maybe I will do again when I have children of my own in the future.. 
as for now, I just HATE to do stuff toy. 
It took me a whole afternoon just to sew this small little thing.
I would prefer to do a garment that requires weeks than this. 
I cannot explain why.


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