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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

24 Hrs City Florist


Flowers can represent many different symbols, depending on its type. Roses are typically used to express affection to your partner and carnation is for love to your mother. Since long ago, flowers have been one of the best choices of gifts for many occasions. Until today, giving flowers are not outdated yet, people still do it.

When you are clueless with what gift to present to your loved one, why not give them a bouquet of flowers? The receiver will most likely welcome it with broad smiles. Most women are pleased when receiving flowers. Hence, the men should take note of this. Whenever your girlfriend or wife is having a down day, maybe giving her a bouquet of flowers can help to enlighten her mood.

If you are living in Singapore, then you must take note of the 24 Hrs City Florist. Check out their website here - As the name itself suggests, this florist opens almost 24 hours. If you want to give someone a surprise at some odd hour of the day, then they will be your perfect go-to. They are available from 9 am to 6 am.

They are the ONLY florist that opens until 6 am everyday throughout the year. From here, you can see how dedicated they are towards their business. They are willing to work at hours when most people refuse to. Hence, you can get fresh flowers delivered to your loved one at times when they will never expect to receive. This will definitely be a plus point if you plan to surprise the receiver.

Of course, the quality of the product must be excellent. Do not worry about the quality issue with the 24 Hrs City Florist. They have been committed to only deliver fresh and beautiful flowers. They are really good in flower arrangement too. All the works are done wholeheartedly and full with love. You can expect to receive a really good quality product as well as service from them.

The prices charged by the 24 Hrs City Florist are reasonable. For such a high quality product and service, what you are paying for is totally worth it. They offer flower delivery in Singapore. They ensure that the delivery will reach the receiver safely. All you need to do is go to their website and select what to purchase. Everything will be taken care of by them after that.

There are some occasions throughout the year whereby the presence of flowers cannot be omitted. Occasions such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and marriage proposal day are the typical moments accompanied by flowers. So, gentlemen, remember to get beautiful flowers for the ladies during these special occasions.   

Florist: 24Hrs City Florist
Address: 161 Lavender Street #01-05 S(338750) 
Telephone: (65) 6396-4222


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