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Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Men - Beard Oil


Since many years ago, keeping beard for men has been a trend to show masculinity. Until today, a man with beard usually gives a more “man-ly” appearance to most ladies. Like the hair growing on your head, the beard needs care too. We have the shampoo to clean and conditioner to nourish the hair but what about the beard and moustache?

Some men are not bothered to give more attention to their beard and instead, let them grow wildly on their own with occasional trimming whenever they think it is time to do so. This is totally wrong. Proper minimal care should not be limited to just trimming only. The beard, like your hair, needs nutrients too. In order to obtain that, it requires the application of beard oil. Have you heard of that before?

If you are unfamiliar what beard oil is, then you probably want to continue reading this article. Firstly, the beard oil usually comes in a small bottle packaging. Imagine it as essential oil; you do not need to apply a lot at one time. Do not underestimate by over-applying the oil even if you think you have really thick and bushy beard.

To begin, wash your beard as normal and let it dry completely. Then, apply the beard oil slowly, little at a time. If you feel that you need more then pour more drops of oil on your palm afterwards. For men with short beard, you will be surprised that you need only one or two drops to get the work done. After brushing your beard with your fingers while massaging the oil into it, you can use a comb to comb it downwards in one direction and then in the opposite direction and back to the initial direction once again. The purpose of doing this is to ensure that the oil that you applied earlier is evenly distributed.

There are 2 brands that are well-recommended for beard-keepers. The Captain Fawcett and Apothecary 87 are great and you must give them a try if you haven’t. You can check out more about these two items from this website:

You might wonder what will happen if you just let your beard and moustache grow without putting oil treatment to it. The answer is simple. It will look all haywire, dirty, tangled and much-like-a-beggar’s-look, if that helps you to imagine better. Every living thing needs nutrients and this explains the same for your beard. Start applying beard oil today and feel the difference yourself. You will be amazed to see the shiny and healthy beard that makes you look even more charming. 


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