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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Half Circle Bag

I previously crochet a bag for grandma. It was done in time before my cousin Marilyn's wedding.

This is by far my second crochet bag. This time, the bag can stand pretty well on its own. I made the inner fabric with DIY interfacing.

DIY Interfacing
Jeans fabric (used)
Kitchen tissue
Glue (homemade starch glue)


  1. Roughly measure and cut the right size of jeans fabric needed with an inch extra for sewing allowance. 
  2. Lay the fabric on the iron board. By using an unwanted paint brush, spread the glue on the fabric. Place a sheet of kitchen tissue on top. Iron on it. 
  3. Leave it to dry and it will harden the fabric. 
  4. Have the tissue surface facing the crochet inner surface. Sew.
  • When preparing homemade glue, make sure it is not too watery. It has to be some kind of thick consistency so not to wet the tissue too much while you are ironing. 
I have tried to look for tutorials teaching how to make DIY interfacing. Unfortunately I don't find any. Hence I came out with this myself. It works, definitely. However, it is quite tedious and troublesome to do so. You can always purchase the ready-made interfacing by just ironing it to your fabric. Or else, do one yourself using my method. =) 

This is the video tutorial that I used to make this crochet bag. 

I make slits at the bottom as well cuz I initially thought it'd be easier to do so than sewing the middle later on. However I later felt the other way round is better. It'd make everything look much better if it is done like the video. 

Also, I modified the opening of the bag. 

This way, I can avoid putting a zip. It can be closed up nicely with the button in the middle. 

Started this project on: 5 May 2015
Completed this project on: 25 May 2015
Yarn: 厚棉 Thick Cotton 

I had a long pause in the process due to fever. Then, I was reluctant to do the inner fabric. Hence it took that long to complete. 

Through this project, I have learned something very interesting though - how to increase circle perfectly: 

Ch 4. Sl st to first chain to form a circle. 

Ch 3 (as first DC) and another 9 DC in the circle (total 10 DC)

Ch 3, DC in the same st. 2DC in each st. 

Ch 3. *2DC in next st. 1DC in next st*. Repeat **. 

Ch 3. 1DC in next st. *2DC. 1DC. 1DC*. Repeat **. 

Ch 3. 1DC in next st. 1DC. 2DC. *1DC, 1DC, 1DC, 2DC*. Repeat **.

Ch 3. 1DC in next st. 1 DC. 1DC. 2DC. *1DC, 1DC, 1DC, 1DC, 2DC*. Repeat **. 

Ch 3. 1DC, 1DC, 1DC, 1DC, 2DC. *1DC (5 times), 2DC*. Repeat **. 

1DC (6 times), 2DC. Repeat. 

1DC (7 times), 2DC, Repeat. 

1DC (8 times), 2DC, Repeat. 
All ch 3 at the beginning is counted as the first DC. 
The last st is always an increase (2DC) 


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