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Friday, May 29, 2015

Pineapple Blouse

I made a blouse with the pineapple pattern. It is my first time crocheting a blouse and I'm extremely proud of myself. Though I faced some hurdles in the process but I managed to overcome and reached the end with success. It is slim fit size but well it is better to be tighter as I am afraid it might go loose after wash. I have yet to wash it. If it doesn't go loose, at least it stays slightly smaller and it can be a motivation for me to continue to lose more weight.

So here's the adjustments I made for the blouse to fit myself.

Hook Sizes 
R1 - R10 = 1/0 size (1.8mm)
R11 - R13= 5/0 size (3mm)
R14 - R19 = 7/0 size (4mm)
R20 - R21 = 8/0 size (5mm)
R22 = 7/0 (4mm)
R23 - R39 = 5/0 (3mm)
R40 - R50 = 7/0 (4mm)

Children's Clothing Wool 芭拉芭拉 (almost 4 skeins) = 200g approximately

Started project on: 17 May 2015
Ended project on: 27 May 2015

I followed the video's number of pineapples and length (R 50 ends). Hence I was playing around with the hook sizes so to fit properly.

So this size is probably for.. L - XL size people *shame*

There are 2 parts in the tutorial; video 1 and video 2.

Video 1: Basics of pineapple pattern.

Video 2: Forming sleeves. 

Written Tutorial:

I watched the video to a certain point and then I started focusing on the written tutorial rather than the video. I find it more useful and easier to follow written instructions than watching, listening and doing at the same time.


  • This blouse is worked with the right side facing you all the times. 


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