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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Keylogger - Spectator

Spytector which is a compound word made from “spy” and “spectator” clearly explains what it is all about from its name itself. It uses high technology to achieve the ability to be undetected while in-use. It is an invisible surveillance program that records every keystroke (including passwords) to an encrypted log file. You are reading everything correctly; it is so advanced that you can even know all the sensitive info on the computer you are monitoring. Nothing can be hidden away from the Spytector.

This software is made to serve a simple purpose: which is to monitor the activities carried out in the computer you legally owned. It is useful for an employer to know what his employees are doing at work to ensure their effectiveness in the working environment. Their honesty and productivity in work do affect the profit and loss of a company. Hence, it is important for an employer to invest in such software. It is better to invest a small amount of money like this than to waste more money due to carelessness in monitoring employees. Not to mention that, it is highly possible for employees to leak out important data regarding the company to a third party which will cause a big loss for the employer. It is better to do something before it is too late.

On the other hand, this software is also recommended for parents, especially those who are busy at work and have not much time in monitoring what their children are doing at home with the computer. You will never know what they are exposed to at an early age. As parents, you certainly do not want your children to misuse the computer for any unhealthy reason. With this software, it can save your worries.

Some people even use this to monitor their spouse. It is not surprising at all as nowadays spouses cheating behind another partner is so common. If you are suspecting something fishy with your spouse’s behavior with the computer, you can easily get solid evidence by using this software. Then, there is no way for them to give any excuses to deny the truth.

This software is fantastic due to the fact that it has all the characteristics of a spy-software should have and on top of that, it is outstanding because it is undetectable. Only the person who configured the software on the targeted computer will know what is going on. There is no way the users will ever find out that they are being monitored silently behind the curtain, by you. The Spectator will let you know what was typed on the computer (ranging from login passwords and usernames, Internet browsing, emails, chat conversation and etc).

This software has gained many users’ confidence and support due to its effectiveness and promising quality. They claim that it is the best monitoring software which cannot be detected by any of the following antivirus programs: Norton AV, Kaspersky AV, McAfee, Panda, AVG, Avast and TrendMicro. These are the common antivirus programs used by everyone and look, the Spytector is totally hidden from these well-known softwares.

Wait no more. Get one for yourself today. It is so worth it that one license can be used on unlimited number of computers. Check out more from their official website:


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