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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

VIABOX: The Best Package Forwarding Service in the US


Online shopping has become very convenient for most people. Sometimes, it can be very frustrating to see something that you want very badly but unable to get it delivered to where you stay. For example, you probably find a dress that you feel is the best outfit for your engagement but unfortunately the item does not cater delivery to your country. Hence, you have no other way but to look for a secondary choice.

The United States shopping websites are abundant and the costs are sometimes affordable. However, the only problem is delivery. To overcome this problem, I’d like to introduce you the VIABOX. Have you heard of it before?

The VIABOX provides package forwarding from the United States to more than 220 countries. You can shop as much as you want from the US sites and have no worries regarding the delivery. After purchasing, your goods will be delivered to a free US address. Then, they will be arranged to be delivered to your doorstep real soon. Don’t be surprised that sometimes purchasing directly from the US merchants can be cheaper than buying from local stores. They actually imported the goods from overseas and they obviously have to make some profit from it. Hence, you can save more money than buying from them.

Moreover, the VIABOX service charges low shipping fees. In fact in comparison to other companies like the Myus, Bongous and Shipito, the VIABOX charges the lowest fee. Though it is cheaper but its quality is now below the other companies. From a consumer’s point of view, the VIABOX is the better choice due to cheaper cost.

There are so many privileges to choose the VIABOX over the others. These are the things that the other 3 companies do not offer but VIABOX does:
  • Free registration fee
  • Free membership
  • 0% assisted purchase fee
  • Offers free product images
  • Zero charge for weekly storage fee
  • No other fees will be charged
  • Accepts Paypal
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Uses more international shipping carries (DHL, UPS, TNT, USPS, Toll, Aramex, Yamato, SPSR Express)

Basically, you are paying only for the shipping cost of your parcel. The reason why VIABOX affords to give you such good rate is due to large shipping volume that they received. Hence, they are able to give discounted shipping rates to forward packages to 220+ countries.

Here’s a quick list of shipping fees to various destinations from the US for 1 pound parcel using the VIABOX:
  • North America (e.g. Canada): $19.95
  • Europe (e.g. United Kingdom): $13.28
  • Oceania (e.g. Australia): $23.58
  • Asia (e.g. Singapore): $16.60
  • Middle East (e.g. Saudi Arabia): $22.41
  • South America (e.g. Brazil): $26.71
  • Africa (e.g. Egypt): $19.92

The VIABOX has all the plus points that other companies fail to provide you. They have the lowest shipping fees, great customer service and not forgetting to mention, fast and effective service. Customers have reported to receive their parcel within 48 hours. That is super incredibly fast!

Check out their official website here: 


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