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Monday, July 27, 2015

Be Relleciga Swimwear's Distributor


More and more people are switching from traditional outdoor careers to indoor careers such as working from home. You can either do it as a freelancer whereby you sell your talent or do online business. The later one often involves capital for pre-investment. Not only that, it also requires a lot of setting-up work which also involves cost and time.

However, with the dropshipping method, you no longer have to go through the hassle of creating a website and etc. Everything is so easy and unbelievably real. This method does not only simplify your online business setup in term of web design. You do not have to worry about dealing with stocks, packaging and shipping or looking for warehouse space and handling products return.

The benefits from dropshipping method is so fantastic and tempting for anyone who is interested to do business online but have no special sellable skill or knowledge in setting up a business online. Basically, all you need to do is to invest time promoting via great network on social media. As good and as easy it sounds, that is actually all you need to do and you can sit back counting the profit you are earning by doing that.

The Relleciga Swimwear is an authorized distributor who is looking for distributors to expand their market in Malaysia. They aim to get as many young girls to be familiar, accept and practise the culture of wearing bikini. As we all know, Malaysia is one of the Asian countries whereby bikini wear is acceptable but not very popular due to culture.

However, bikini can be a nice and presentable outfit at the beach. They design bikini suitable for young and hardworking ladies. The swimwear enjoyed great popularity in the US and Europe and maintain top rated quality while keeping the price affordable for all. Also, they have been featured on   the New York Time Square Billboard for the 4th consecutive years.

Back to the topic of how to earn money online via dropshipping method. Your first step is to be the Relleciga Swimwear’s distributor. Then, you will get to sell a good swimwear brand which is reputable internationally. You can read more about that from this website:
When you become Relleciga Swimwear’s distributor, it is a mutual benefiting relationship whereby you get someone to do all the work and in return, they will get to promote the products using their turkey solution service. In this service, they will provide the distributors with a fully hosted ecommerce website uploaded with ready swimwear to sell. The website will be under the distributor’s (your) website. They will be the one shipping the product directly to the customer who purchased from you to the address as stated in the order.

Basically, it is really a good opportunity which does not cost much or require any special talent. You just need Internet, a laptop and good network on social media. Be sure not to miss this great opportunity to start earning money online!



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