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Tuesday, July 14, 2015



Signing contracts is the official way to legalize a document between a minimum of two parties involved. The process is often tedious, repetitive and time consuming. Luckily, nowadays there is a new way discovered to make the execution of contracts much easier and convenient for everyone.

Have you heard of the SignaSure? If you don’t, you probably want to continue reading further. They offer really wonderful service related to signing contracts. Whether you are an employer or employee, you will surely find it helpful and convenient.

The SignaSure is a better way to execute contracts. You can save time and money, improve compliance, increase transparency and avoid human error and omissions via their service. The whole mechanism works in a direct and simple manner: with SignaSure, assuming that you are an employer, your clients will electronically sign your contracts guided by a helpful avatar.

With SignaSure, you do not have to sit by his side to explain every single detail. This can be a tedious and time consuming process which can all be omitted as there is an avatar there to guide the Signer. The avatar will explain each section of the contract to the Signer as he is reviewing the contract. Therefore, it gives more flexibility to both parties as the Signer can choose whichever time he feels at ease to review the contract. There is no need to arrange special meetings just to explain the contract content.

With the help of the avatar, the disclosures are delivered completely and correctly. The consistency factor is secured. As compared to human’s explanation, it would be better to use the avatar’s help as it will be able to deliver the content accurately all the times. In a way, the best advantage is to erase human’s careless mistakes while interpreting the content.

In addition, the process will be video recorded to ensure that there is no chance of fraud to happen. It will capture the Signer’s image in high definition. The system uses 128- bit encryption, a secure electronic signing record. The video recording is a protection to avoid any chance of cheating cases in the mid of signing the contract.

You can use the SignaSure with existing contracts. They can be hosted in the Cloud. Everything is simple, quick and easy. Many customers reported that they love SignaSure’s service. It makes the signing contract process easier than it can ever be. Save the hassle spent on time using the traditional method. Use the SignaSure instead for a better and higher effectiveness alternative.
Whenever an agreement is needed to be enforced with law to protect every party’s benefits, contracts will take place. There are many industries that involve signing contracts: automotive, real estate, finance/lending, business to business, professional services and other industries. No matter which industry you are in, the SignaSure is definitely going to make the signing contract process easier.   


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