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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dollar Upload


All these while, Google adsense has been monopolizing the advertising industry but they are no longer the sole winner now. There are many others who have come up with innovate fresh ideas for advertisers to publish their advertisements in the Internet. Doing it through banner ads is outdated now as there is another trend now – getting people to answer survey or sign up to their websites instead of showing only ads.

Okay let us not talk about the advertising part as today the focus is on you. Everyone wants to get quick and easy money. Here’s a good alternative that I came across which I would like to share with you. Have you heard of earning money like Google adsense but in another way? This new way is easier and has more benefits as compared to Google adsense.

Have you heard of the Dollar Upload? If you have not, then click the link below for further reference:
Official website:

This company is actually like a middle person between you and the advertisers. The advertisers wanted to advertise their business. So, they seek for Dollar Upload, which acts as the medium to cater a place where you and the rest can upload your files (or basically anything that can be uploaded) so that the public viewers will be able to download them for free. And here’s the catch. Before the public viewers can download, they need to answer surveys or create an account from the advertiser’s website.

As mentioned earlier, today’s focus is on you, someone who wants to earn money online easily. So, this is really the perfect way which can actually help to kill two birds with one stone. In spite of being able to earn money while uploading, you can actually save the subscription fee using some hosting websites to store your files. Isn’t this a win-win situation for everyone?

To make it simple, the Dollar Upload is paid by research companies for the information your visitors enter when downloading your file. Hence, users will get access to your file easily and at the same time, you get paid each and every time it happens. Imagine how much money you can earn with every download that you manage to get.

Generally, you can earn an average of 1 dollar for each user who completes a survey or offer. From the Dollar Upload ppd site, the rates can vary anywhere from 20 cents to 20+ dollars. It depends on what country your public viewers are coming from and what device they are using.

To understand better, you can  check out this video on:

Even though if you get paid only 20 cents, I believe this rate is more attractive than some other online offers such as answering a survey for 5 cents? I have seen that kind of ridiculously low pay job online before. Mind you that you need to answer one survey at a time to earn 5 cents. Hence, 20 cents for per download is not too low, after all you just need to upload your file for once and leave it there to generate downloads from time to time. As time passes, you may be surprised how much 20 cents you can accumulate at the end of the payout day.

The Dollar Upload is supported to monetize all devices and over 240+ countries. Their ppd download system is supported for all mobile platforms as well as standard platforms such as android, iphone, ipad, mac, linux, ps4 and windows. Basically, they are the best pay per download site available for you to protect your files and earn money at the same time.

If you are getting better with this, you can consider their Offer Wall. It enhances the public viewers engagement with incentive offers provided by their advertisers geotargeting them by country and device/platform. Their offer wall is supported for all users devices and platforms so you can target mobile visitors or visitors on game platforms such as ps4. It works just the same like the ppd version.

This works easily. The public viewers will be given the option to complete one or more of the offers supported by the advertisers in exchange for virtual currency. Actually, the advertisers’ intention is to require your public viewers to complete a survey, download an app, signup for a website or something similar in order to access your content. Hence, with the Offer Wall, this helps to bring more revenue exchanging virtual currency as compared to traditional ads.

To understand better, you can check out this video:  

As shown in the picture, the whole thing is just as simple as that - 3 steps. 

To be honest, this is seriously one of the best and easiest money earning methods available on the Internet. You basically do not have to do a lot of work as everything is done once only. Then, you can just sit back and enjoy counting the money entering your pocket. Start registering and signing up now. The longer you wait, the more money is going down the drain. 


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