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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Agile User Story Map for Jira


Having all the information on hand well organized is a key to shorten the processing time. Of course, this can also minimize the use of manpower as well as reducing unnecessary mistakes. With that said, transforming all long paragraph written data into graphic organizer form is going to do the trick. It will save a lot of time and make things work not only more systematically but also more efficiently.

Have you heard of the Bauer Information Technology? Although they are new in the industry as they were founded in 2012 by Florian Bauer, they are profitable organization which practices great aims to improve the ongoing system. They are passionate about creating software with a remarkable user experience down to the tiniest detail. With rich experiences and knowledge, they are confident in creating enterprise-class software which you can definitely rely on.

The software which they have created is called the Agile User Story Map for Jira. This software does wonders to organize details into the most simplified and easily understood form. It basically simplifies requirements engineering and the product owner’s job. In other words, this software actually helps to transform a flat product backlog into a map, visualizes your product roadmap, estimates and dependencies.

The price of this software is definitely affordable and in fact considered extremely cheap for this kind of excellent function. It costs only $10. This amount of money is definitely not a burden to anyone. They make it affordable and reasonable for everyone so that this software is not targeted only for entrepreneurs but also for students.

Among the advantages of this software is that you get to have a whole page of story map which consists of all the details you need. So, there is no paging and no lengthy reloading. All you need to do is just to plan the road map and keep track of the big picture. You can also create a cross project map and have multiple projects at a glance.

If you wish to edit them, you can do it on the fly. After that, plan sprints, which contain epic overlapping stories. Then, explain the project’s scope to all the stake holders with meaningful reports which will help everybody’s understandings better.

To further understand this software, you can check out their official website here: They have blog, video and content which are updated and compact with all the details you need to know. Stop contemplating and start experiencing this fantastic software now. The longer you wait, the more time you are wasting to get your work done. 


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