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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Brian Boru - Freedom within the Heart


A good story is told by a great author. There is no doubt in that. Not all authors who claimed themselves to be bestselling author can produce a masterpiece that could captivate readers’ interest and passion in reading till the end. Often, some story plots seem to be duplicated from other stories and then merged altogether to form a new story.

On the other hand, if your interest lies on reading stories related to existing person then you probably will enjoy the plot better if it is not being made way too fictional. Some authors are able to write amazing plot about some historical figures but forgot to retain the originality of these characters. It is not surprising at all that there are quite many books of this genre are being adapted in such a way that you could not even link them back to the history.

A good author should be able to blend the history and some imagination in their work. Mark Mahon, a talented author who won the ‘Best Screenplay Unproduced’ Award at the International Action on Film Ceremony in Los Angeles in year 2005 is one of the great authors that you can find today. His book entitled Brian Boru – Freedom within the Heart is a magnificent story that all historical fiction readers will love to read.

You can purchase this either in the Kindle edition or paperback form. It costs only $13.87 to buy this in paperback form. Due to the style of language used, this book is totally suitable for younger readers. Therefore, you can make this a gift for any teenagers or young adults that you know. They will probably appreciate this wonderful gift from you.

Mahon has successfully delivered a fascinating story about a real life Irish King, Brian Boru and the Vikings. Even if you are not familiar with the Irish history, you will be able to enjoy this story to its maximum too. Many others who have read this book claimed that history is not their favourite thing to study but they were so attached to this book once they started reading it.

Learning history could not be even easier through reading story book. If you want to make your children know better about the Irish history, you should get them this book. While enjoying the plot, your children are able to improve their language and history knowledge. It will be killing two birds with one stone.  Wait no more, get your copy today from here:


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