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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sangar Slider


Every website with sliding banners seems to look better and more professional looking than those without. Of course, it is not an obligation to have but if it makes your website looks even more posh, why not?

To get these sliding banners, you can either hire a graphic designer to do for you or create by yourself. It is not a bad idea to hire an expert to do it. The pro is that the design will be customized according to your preference but the con is the price. Most likely you will be charged at least $5 for per sliding banner. Often though, the price will be much higher than that.

On the other hand, if you were able to do it yourself, all these will come at zero cost. All you need to do is just put in some time and effort in making them. Listen, you do not need to be an experienced Photoshop user in order to do this. With the convenience brought to you by Tonjoo’s Sangar Slider, everything is made so easy and possible for anyone to do it. Check out their website here:

Many people are interested in Sangar Slider because it is so convenient and extremely easy to setup. There is a video tutorial on how it works. Seriously, if you already master it, you need only 55 seconds to get one slider done. Isn’t that amazingly fast and time efficient?

The Sangar Slider works easily as mentioned earlier. It is because it is layer based slider. Simply by uploading the image you want, pick a size and you can start typing the text on it. The concept is quite similar to Photoshop but this is made easy by having lesser buttons and functions but still having the same wow effect brought by Photoshop.

Did I miss out the point that you can also have an animated fast and smooth slider with Sangar Slider? Yes, you can. Animated sliding banners do look more modern and captivating. It is able to attract people’s attention better than static banners.

On top of all those reasons above, you can enjoy 15 Premium templates with Sangar Slider. Therefore, each time you feel like changing your web design appearance, you can have 15 choices to rotate from. They are all ready to be used and you can actually create your own template by using their API system. You can learn more about this from their website.

Overall, this is a cool thing to be shared to all your friends and family who own a website. Good things should be shared by all.



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