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Wednesday, December 02, 2015



Nowadays, people connect with one another using their smart phones. Unlike the olden days when technology is not that advance yet, people used to keep in touch using letters, emails, SMS and calls. Since everything is getting easier and more convenient with the availability of smart phones, people contact each other using social media.

Firstly, if you are new to this, do allow me to explain what social media is. Most people are familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube. These are all social media platforms. Each of these sites allows its users to interact with each other but within its own site. This means that you cannot cross boundary the sites. You need to own an account for each social media site.

Instead of having so many accounts from different social media sites, will it not be easier if there is an app which can summarize everything all under one station? If you are looking for this app then I am glad to let you know that this app does exist. It is called the Profilze.

This is their official website: It is available in both App Store and Google Playstore. All smart phones should have no problem installing this app and start experiencing the new comfortable way of connecting everything from one-go-place.

This app is well recommended because of its fantastic features. With this app, you can stay profilictacly organized. You will be able to have more than you think. Also, you get to lead the pack. You will have some of the best profiles. Nevertheless, you get to re-invent your social browsing by removing the clutter of the boring people. I believe everyone has a list of people who you do not really interact with very frequently. These people need to be filtered out from your list. So, with this app, you start with the person, not the content.

To understand how this app works, you can watch this video: It is explained clearly by Mark, how to use this app.

Basically, the Profilze is a better way to do social media, as compared to the conventional way you are doing it right now. This is because the social media nowadays are all scattered all over the web and making it difficult for people to find you and you to find them at the same time. Therefore, with Profilze, you just need to add your accounts to the app and then people can start following you on every network from one place. Of course this works the other way round, you can also follow friends, celebrities and organizations. This app helps to break the fragmentation of social media and simplify it.


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