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Saturday, January 23, 2016



Are you experiencing having too many gadgets and charging cables lingering everywhere on your desk? Not only that, are you also facing the problem of insufficient electricity socket? If you do, then you should start looking for the ALLDOCK charging station. It enables you to charge a few devices at one-go with only one socket.

Regardless of smartphone, tablet or camera, you can use the ALLDOCK charging station. Basically, any devices with USB port will work. Most devices today do come with USB port for charging and information transfer purposes.

The great feature of this product is its fast charging property. Even though there are a few devices being charged simultaneously, the rate of charging is not much affected. You will be amazed with how fast they are recharged while you are busy doing your own stuff.

The ALLDOCK becomes many people’s favourites because of its design and of course function. For design wise, it is made stylish and classic looking. There are a few different designs to choose from. You can choose either from all white, all black, all bamboo, all walnut or even all mixed up. All these 5 variations are special on their own. Each and every design has its own uniqueness.

Unlike some other companies who are selling the same product, they do not provide as many choices as the ALLDOCK does. They take into consideration of designing the product to look beautiful as a furniture on its own. Since everybody’s house decoration is different, they provided different choices of design so that you can match it with your house’s design theme. Isn’t that very thoughtful?

As mentioned earlier, the ALLDOCK charging station is not only sophisticated in its design but also very functional. It does what it promises. Also, it is easy to install. There should not be any hassle installing it. Anybody can do it. There is a manual book which you can follow.

Previously, this product received some negative comments from some users. That was the first model and the current ones are the improved version. The new models are manufactured to be able to be installed in within minutes. Everything is upgraded to provide users a better using experience.
The complaint raised from the first model was difficulty to connect as cables were long and messy. However with the new models now, it is much easier to connect. Not only that, it is very simple to use because the cables are short. Hence, there is no messing with the cables. Everything looks neat and tidy.

Give ALLDOCK a try. You will not be disappointed. Check out more about this product from their official website here:



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