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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Woowave DreamSync


If you need to create a video, which comprises of a few videos all inserted into one, you know you will need software. However, the question is what kind of software should you use? Among many different types of available software, some may be too complicated to use for beginners. Not everyone is tech savvy and if you happen to be one who isn’t, you probably will have a hard time figuring out how to get this done.

There is software named Woowave DreamSync, which works magically fast and effectively. However this is Mac Only Software. If you are a Windows user then you cannot use this software.
Comparing to other brands, DreamSync is the outstanding choice because it is able to speed up video creation process. Unlike other brands, this software takes as short as 1 minute to sync up the entire 9 hours video shot.

The promptness in syncing long hours video is the remarkable property of this software. So far, there are not many software, which can do this. Not only that, this software is actually very user-friendly. There are basically just a few buttons to press to get the work completed.

They have actually created a tutorial video showing how to use the software: As you watch, you will realize that the whole process is really simple for anybody to learn. It will not take a lot of time.

The purpose of syncing the videos is to show your viewers different angle view of a video recording session. This is usually needed when documenting a seminar. Instead of just focusing the video on the speaker, it will be great if the video can capture the audience as well. Therefore, it is essential to merge all the different angle videos into one video.

As mentioned previously, many other software are not able to do this as quickly as the DreamSync. Logically, you will expect long hours of videos to take a long time to sync together. Surprisingly DreamSync needs such little time to download.

If you are still looking for the right software to work with, do not hesitate anymore. Get one for yourself today from

Many other users have proved the effectiveness of this software. It has gained many raving compliments for what it promises it can do. You will not be disappointed with this world’s fastest audio video tool sync. 


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