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Monday, May 08, 2017

Crochet Puffed Star Stitch Clutch Wallet Purse

I have just completed a clutch for the teacher I picked for 2017 Teacher's Day gift exchange. I hope that Puan Mariam will like it.

I used her tutorial -  

This is not the first purse/bag that I made using her tutorial. It's always great. =) Thank you for being so generous to share all these wonderful and easily understood tutorials. 

I made using 5 ply milk cotton yarn. I used 1 and a half skeins of 50g yarn. The crochet hook size is 7/0 (4mm). This mustard yellow is one of my favourite colours. I love how pretty the colour is as a clutch. 

I spent one or two weeks on this clutch; on and off project due to busy wedding schedule. 

What I'm proud of is that I made the inside cardboard myself. I sellotaped two times per surface area to ensure it is hard enough. I initially wanted to laminate the calendar cardboard that I cut out according to the clutch pocket size; but later I think, it is not going to make much difference because the laminating film is kind of light either. 

It is sturdy enough, not the typical crochet soft and bending kind. 

I love the inside pocket cloth too. Coincidentally, yes, I'm not good at measurements usually.. I managed to get everything sized properly to fit nicely. I love hand sewing machine stitches though it is a slow and tedious process. I still cannot hand sew very neatly but this is the best that I can afford to do. 

I hope that she's gonna like it. I guess this clutch is going to worth more than RM15 (that's the minimum cost for per gift exchange).


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