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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Miranda Scarf - Man's Knit Cable Scarf

Yayyy - I completed his scarf too. It is a little short compared to the my pink scarf.

It is called the Miranda Scarf, a wonderful design created by

I used 2 skeins of 200g thick cotton yarn. Dark grey. It'd be great if I have extra 100g of yarn. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough yarn to complete the entire length. I had to stop at the end of 2 skeins of yarn.

Captured these photos using my Huawei P9. The photos really capture the details of the design intricately. I enjoy the entire process of making cable scarf. It is just so enjoyable and rewarding when touching this scarf. The 3D design is definitely worth the time and extra yarn usage.

3.75mm circular needles and my tension work really well with 200g thick cotton yarn.

I really love cable scarf very much.

I used 2 skeins of 200g yarn. 


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