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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dual Height Step Stool For Kids


Having a kids stool at home which enables your child to climb to a higher position may seem unnecessary but it is surely useful if you have one. The problem is which one to buy. There are many choices available but today, I'm recommending this amazing product to all parents: Dual Height Step Stool For Kids

This product is designed especially for kids aged 1.5 years – 5 years old. It enables your child to climb to reach a higher position. A wise parent should train their child to be independent from young age as all habits are easily picked up when they are still young. This will make your life easier later on.

Try to imagine, how wise it would be to start training your child to climb the stool to brush teeth by themselves and learn the value of independence at the same time. Then slowly, they will adopt this value in carrying out their daily lives routine in the future. 

You might be wondering if it is sturdy enough for your child to climb on. The answer is definitely yes. Even an adult weighing 190 pounds (86 kilograms) has no problem climbing on the stool in a rough way. This stool is guaranteed stable and strong. You should not be worrying about your child falling off while standing on it.

Not only that, this stool has anti-slip property which makes it extra safe. Unlike some other cheap stools in the market, this stool doesn’t glide easily. This is an extremely important factor not to be ignored when choosing the right stool for your young ones.

It is a bonus to buy this stool because it is 2-step. This means that your child can reach different heights of surfaces. They are not limited to only one step. If you have taller and shorter children at home, this stool works like killing two birds with one stone.

With all the advantages that come with this stool, this is not the end yet. The service provided is exceptional. A guarantee of money returned 100% with no question is promised with every purchase.

They also provide a FREE ebook when purchasing the premium Dual Height Step Stool. It is an educational book which consists of colourful pictures and story to help your children to understand how to use the stool. 

Get one for your children today!

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