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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Simple Baby Jacket

This is the first baby jacket I crocheted. And it's gonna be for my special little one who will be arriving in June 2018. Daddy and Mommy can't wait to see you but at the same time, Mommy is afraid of all kinds of odds (first time mama).

I referred to the above tutorial. These are the materials that I used: 
When I made the swatch, I got 6cm instead of 10cm. So, I knew that my end product will be smaller if I were to follow exactly the newborn size. So, I followed instructions for 12 months size. I wouldn't say my end product is exactly newborn size according to diagram. Overall it's the same except the neckline area is a little more narrow. It doesn't matter much if I don't button till the top. 

Neck edge: Follow 12 months size 
Body length: Follow newborn size 
Sleeves: Follow newborn size
However, I made some modifications because I don't like how it originally looks like according to the pattern (shapeless long log shape). So, I wanted the sleeves to look like from big to small. These are the modifications done:
Row 1 - 5: 32 dc
Row 6 - 8: 30 dc
Row 9 - 13: 28 dc  
Button band: Follow pattern exactly 
Buttonhole band: I crocheted one row of sc before I made the buttonholes row. I used 2 chains instead of 1 chain for buttonhole. 

Overall, this is a fairly simple project for beginners. I followed 70% of the tutorial from written instructions instead of depending on the video. It was a fun project, not to mention, super adorable mini jacket. 

Neck edge 

The body part 

End result 
There's supposed to be another button at the bottom but I felt it's unnecessary after sewing 4 buttons.


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