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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Is Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend's shape important?

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I'm extremely tired, physically and emotionally. There are a few things running across my mind. I am leaving Malacca tomorrow. Bye to Streamyx and family.. The time is always that short.. = / Bye friends.. Bye to everything here..

Today's topic is : Is your girlfriend/boyfriend's shape important? 

Points to ponder :

  1. When you first fall for a person, do you really consider their shape or inner beauty? 
  2. Is their shape that important after all appearance doesn't lasts forever? 
  3. Is it a lie when you tell a person that you don't mind at first but later on you do?

1 year ago when the fairy tale begins..
Boyfriend : It's OK  honey.. I don't mind how your shape is.
Girlfriend : *curious* Why? Isn't that what all guys are particular of? 
Boyfriend : Nope! I don't! I love the way you are. It's better to be fleshy. 
Girlfriend : Awww.. So sweeeet of you! *a peck on the cheek* 

1 year later... 
Boyfriend : Honey, maybe you need to go for some exercise.. 
Girlfriend : Why?
Boyfriend : Because you were always complaining about your flabby arms and tummy.. Maybe you should go for a diet. 
Girlfriend : Diet? Why should I? 
Boyfriend : It's for your own good. 
Girlfriend : ??? 
Boyfriend : It's healthier that way.
Girlfriend : *bullshit..!* I don't want. 

Ponder :
Why the boyfriend asks the girlfriend to diet? 
Is it really purely because he thinks that she should get a way to solve all her miseries all for once?
Or is it something else? 

Girlfriend : Are you saying that I am fat and you mind? 
Boyfriend : No I didn't mean that. 
Girlfriend : Yes you did. Just now, and now. 
Boyfriend : *innocent* 
Girlfriend : Fine. You don't complain about my shape last time but now you do. Why?
Boyfriend : It's healthier that way for you.
Girlfriend : Excuse me, I am not overweight nor obese. My BMI shows that my weight is just fine corresponding to my height. 
Boyfriend : ...... 

F r e e e e e e e e z e. . . . . . .

Boyfriend : Mom always complains how big size you are... 
Girlfriend : Oh is it? Big size is not equal to fat. I am healthy. I have no serious illness. I don't live on dependent on medicine. 
Boyfriend : It's bad for conceive later on in future if underneath your skin has a thick layer of fats.
Girlfriend : Oh wow.. How great you are to plan the future before hand.. 
Boyfriend : .......... 

Ponder : 
Mom's decision? Boyfriend's decision? Health conscious? Excuses? Insults? 
You decide. 

Girlfriend : So great of you. Thank you for your well plans.. I am happy with my shape now. 
Boyfriend : ..........
Girlfriend : It's so great being your girlfriend because only slender girl is compatible with you, according to your mom. *smiles* 
Boyfriend : .....................

Conclusion : 
Boyfriend's thinking is mutated? 
Somebody's controlling somewhere in the black?
Girlfriend's time to face the cruel "reality"?
That's just the way how it is - No man loves fat woman. 

It can always be the other way round..
Why must the husband be bigger than the wife?
It's just stereotype~ 


  1. heres what i think =D
    big or small doesn't matter... shouldn't matter if YOU yourself are happy rite..

    and by the way you look fine now to me.=D

  2. Haha.. Now I look fine, and I don't last time? @@ I think I look OK too but some people think I am _ _ _. = = "