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Saturday, January 01, 2011

UPSI experience + New Year Resolutions

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I'm in Kedah now. To be specific, I'm in hostel. I had successfully completed the 5 days 4 nights orientation at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), Tanjung Malim, Perak. *phew*

I reached the Kolej Harun Aminurashid (if I'm not mistaken) at 9.30 a.m. My mom drove me there by car, departing as early as 7 a.m. I was so tired. I slept very little hours the day before and I didn't get to sleep at all in the car. I felt so dizzy and tired.  And because of that, I felt really tired in the following days.

In this post, I'm going to talk a little of my experience in UPSI. Sit back and enjoy~

It is my first time to UPSI. I'm not familiar with many things at there.

One thing funny about UPSI is that, sexism exists there. During orientation, we need to queue up to board the bus. So, we were asked to line up 2 by 2 so that it's not gonna look too messy. However, the funny thing about this was the facilitators always give priority to the guys first. It happened like 9/10 times during the 5 days 4 nights. It looks very minor but then it reflects sexism here. It's really gender bias and honestly, I'm unhappy about this. The guys got everything first and the ladies last. Forever last.

There were 500 + people ongoing the December intake. The ladies consist of more than half of the ratio of guys. So, can you imagine how frustrating is it to always see the guys (with lesser amount) go back to their hostel to rest/eat/anything? They always let all the guys to leave then only it is the ladies' turn. I really cannot imagine how bias the university life is until I experience it myself at there. It's shocking, yes, very. I have been to many Malay places which I never encounter such problem before. There is no sexism, gender bias or what- Everything is fine. However, things went oppositely in UPSI. This is disappointing.

One more incident which happened in UPSI was, due to the guys got the priority to go out for meal earlier than the ladies, when it was the ladies' turn to claim their food, what happened was there was no available seats around. I can understand that it is rather impossible to prepare 500 + chairs under just a few pasar malam umbrella shelter. However, what made me speechless was the ones seating on the chairs are all guys and the ladies have to stand with food on their hands and feet on the ground standing, looking for vacant seats. This is just so not gentleman and stupid I would say. Tsk!

I was staying in the 9th floor. Each room has 4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms with toilet attached and a dining room with 1 big table and a few chairs. I was in room 4. I had a toilet just beside my room. However, the toilet was not functioning quite well. Although there were 2 bathrooms, the water pressure was too low to let two people bathe at one time together. The water pressure there really sucks if you compare it to IPDA's powerful shower. It's quite dirty there also.. OK nothing much to comment about cleanliness because that is our responsibility. I am not happy with the water pressure there. Tsk..

We were told that there will be 3 places for tutorials and lessons to be on. @@ At there, we need to board the bus from hostel to campus. Everything is by bus and you see, there are many people there.. I wonder how I am going to rush for bus next time. @@

We were also told that Tanjung Malim is the second place in Malaysia which received the most rain water. With that, still our water supply was bad. It's sad.

The facilities in UPSI cannot be compared to IPDA's. Academically, UPSI's is better however if you talk about convenient or not, IPDA is better. There were not much stuff/entertainment around Tanjung Malim. It's like a deserted area with palm oil plantations orchards and some redundant shop outlets which used to be UPSI's classrooms. You need to get the bus to Pekan, a place where the bus station is. There is no cinema nor anything there. The biggest shopping center in UPSI is smaller than Yawata which we always used to complain how small it is. Tsk..

Well, after being through all the stuff in UPSI, I really feel that IPDA is a much better place to stay and study. I like IPDA more than UPSI. = / I left only 1 year more to go in IPDA before I have to force myself to stay there for 2 years. How sad -

Another sad thing about my degree life is that : I am not going to be in the same class with him anymore.. = (  I need to be really very brave..

We sat the KTM train back to Alor Setar. It took about 8 hours to reach Alor Setar. What a long journey.. The train was scary. = ( I'm scared.

UPSI's matric card 
It is combined with ATM 
I'm a TESL major student! = )) 

The UPSI's string cost RM 6
Expensive uh ?
There are 3 colours actually..
However when it reaches my turn, left only black. 
Why? Because gender bias.
They let the guys go first.
s h i t ~

That's me! 

I went to Secret Recipe for lunch with Wei Wen. Before that, we went to the bicycle shop to pump the tayar. And guess what.. I didn't know the pressure of the air pump is that great.. My back tayar burst and I was shocked! = ( Like that, RM 22 is gone. Tsk.. I didn't know how to pump because all these while, he's the one who helped me to pump.. = ( Huhu..

New Year Resolutions 2011
Slimmer? 55 KG (I must be joking with myself!)
3.75 CGPA pointer minimum (I am joking with myself again!)
Implant greater faith in God 
Appreciate my family 
Love myself 
Have lesser conflict with my boyfriend
Happier than before (Cry lesser)
More independent on my own

I didn't really have much resolution in mind because.. 
I think I never thought about this seriously 
2011 has arrived. 
I'm 20 already.  
= =  | | 


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