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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Singapore Trip (3D 2N)

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My family and I went to Singapore on 20 December 2010 by Delima bus : WLY 8933 (8 a.m.). This bus was a terrible bus. This bus left us at the immigration centre of Singapore(Woodlands). There were many people at the immigration centre. We took around 20 minutes for us to leave that place. We were told that drive usually would wait for the passengers for approximately 30 minutes but this drive didn't. Everybody said it is normal to be left by bus in Singapore but I am really unhappy with this lousy system. If they couldn't give their promise that they would be able to fetch the passengers to Kallang, they might as well just tell the people who bought the tickets that their bus only drive them until Woodlands. We passengers pay the fare until Kallang but we are left half way at Woodlands.. From Kallang to Woodlands, we need to continue another 30 minutes car ride journey in order to reach Kallang. That's just irresponsible to me. I would prefer you tell me off at the first place that you can only drop us at Woodlands and ask for a suitable payment.

The worse is not on us. There are 12 people who are left behind including us. Among the 12, there are 3 Caucasians whom I think are a little pitiful. They left their stuff in the bus which left us. I believed that those stuff they left were those big luggages with clothes inside. They looked calm though, not appearing anyhow agitated. -salute-

TIPS for those who haven't been to Singapore.. 

  1. (From Malacca) The bus probably will stop at Yong Peng, Johor for 30 minutes break. 
  2. (From Yong Peng to Johor Immigration) You don't have to bring down all your stuff. Just your passport and important belongings will do. 
  3. (From Malaysia Immigration to Singapore Immigration) Please, PLEASE remember to bring down all your things. I mean ALL. The drive (I assume all) will not be bothered to inform you to bring down all your things. You need to bring down all, or else you gonna end up like the 3 Caucasians. (This is at Woodlands, you'll pass by Selat Melaka [sea] and you're travelling on bus across the bridge to enter Singapore) 
  4. Act fast if you are following the bus trip. They don't wait for you. This is very true. You simply have to be AS FAST as you can. 
  5. After my horrible experience with Delima, I would advise you people to choose another bus. I don't think this bus company is reliable and responsible. You can take the risk if you want to though.
  6. Get a piece of white form thing from the bus station. You need it for immigration purpose. Remember to jot down the number plate vehicle. 
  7. Remember to bring an umbrella/cap/sun block if you are going to Haw Par Villa. Cuz, it's HOT there. It's open air area. 
  8. Peak hours for taxi :
  • Monday - Friday (7 a.m. - 9.30 a.m.)
  • Monday - Saturday (5 p.m. - 8 p.m.) 

The ticket cost : RM 22.10 (approximately SGD 9)

Singapore SGD 50 note
Their money is plastic-liked.
Similar to RM 5 paper quality.

The white form I'm talking about... 
NOT in A4 size.

The bus was punctual to leave Melaka Sentral at sharp 8 a.m. We reached Yong Peng to have an 1/2 hour break that was around 9.30 a.m. Then we arrived at Johor Immigration at 12 noon. We had our passports scanned with a machine. What you need to do is just follow the instructions printed on the screen and place your thumb print there to be recognized. Then, you may proceed. Make sure you walk fast here if you don't want to be left out behind by the bus. At this station, you don't have to bring down your luggage yet. Only bring down your passport and important belongings will do. 

At 12.10 p.m., we arrived at Singapore Immigration Centre(Woodlands). At there, we spent 20 minutes waiting for our turn (because there were many people). We wasted an hour plus waiting for another bus because that WLY 8933 fellow left us at Woodlands. 

From Woodlands to Kallang, it takes like 30 minutes to arrive. 

It sounds confusing? OK, let me draw a little diagram to make everything clearer. 
Malacca >> Yong Peng(break) >> Johor Immigration >> Singapore Immigration(Woodlands) >> Kallang(bus station in Singapore) 

This is the bridge and Selat Melaka I'm talking about..
It's always clearer to recognize something through photo.

We bought our return ticket from Singapore to Malacca at SGD 20 per head. That is expensive because after conversion, it will be about RM 40 +. = / It is double of the price of from Malacca to Singapore. 

We booked the Hotel 81-Orchid for 3 days 2 nights. From Kallang, we took a cab there at 2.13 p.m. for SGD 4.60. 

The hotel was overall OK although it was situated in the Geylang area. Many people said it is the red light district of Singapore. True enough, however it is quite an OK place to stay if you spend more time outside travelling and only go back for bath and sleep. 

Hotel 81-Orchid 
21 Lorong 8 Geylang Singapore, 399090. 
Tel : (65) 6846 8181 

We booked two rooms via online reservation. You need to have a credit card for reservation. There are simple rules stated on their website which you can follow. We took 1 twin room and 1 double room. The total cost for 3 days and 2 nights is SGD 222 including 17.7% good and service tax. Basically, the hotel is not expensive. It is the tax that makes it expensive. However, this is a budget hotel for those who do not wish to pay too much for hotel. 

I spent a lot of time looking on the website which hotel is the best. After much clicks and readings made, I decided to book this hotel. I read many reviews too. Some said this hotel was awfully dirty and stuff.. In my opinion after staying there for 3 days and 2 nights, the only problem I had witnessed was how rude the receptionist was. It was a she. She spoke to a Bangladesh/Indian man quite rudely with high tone when the man asked for an exchange room. It could be the man being unreasonable to have a switch room but I don't think it is right for the receptionist to speak that way to a customer. I was pretty shocked to see that happening in front of my eyes. The receptionists in Hotel Orchid 81 hardly smile. That's what I noticed about that. They are like robots. =X

Something about Hotel 81-Orchid
I forgot to snap the building. =X 
Just ask the cab to fetch you there. They know. It's at Lorong 8, Geylang. 

Door key. 

This room is not bad. 
Two single beds inside. 
Pretty clean and acceptable. 

Place your key here to get the electricity to go~
Switches. = = 

The door is behind.
My little brother posing there.
The door on the left of this photo is toilet. 
They have attached bathroom and toilet. 

The shower and basin.
The water there is damn strong.
They have heater supply. 
You can choose hot/cold water and adjust yourself. 
Free body/hair shampoo, toothbrush, comb, shower cap and sanitary bag.
Towels provided. 
Big mirror. Big enough for a normal human. 
Quite clean I would say. Not too demanding. 

The toilet seat. 
Everything is functioning well. 
I can't manage to snap the overall stuff in the toilet in 1 photo.
They are a little cramped.
However, I don't agree with some review saying that everything gets wet when you bathe.
It's just the way how you bathe. 
You don't splash water everywhere on the 4walls. 
= / ? 

Two single beds.
When you check in, they will give you a remote control for the TV. 
You can easily move the two single beds to merge together if you are afraid to sleep on single bed. 
The beds are not heavy.
Ummm.. The beds are not really that soft but it is still sleep-able. ^^
Some people find the pillow case weird but to me, it's OK.
There is no itchy or rough feeling when contact with your skin. 
It looks rough but it's not. 
It's quite clean because I don't feel any itchy when on the bed.

There is a big mirror outside too. 
They provide free 2 bottles of mineral water, 1 coffee 3 in 1, 1 easy-made tea, 2 mugs, electric kettle and 1 3 pin plug.
They have a hair dryer there with cool, 1, 2 and 3 modes.
There is also a green cable there.. It's for Internet usage I think. 
The mineral bottle they supply is the blue bottle cap one. 
The two big bottles are ours. 
There is a small stool there too. 
A telephone there which I never tried using. 
A dustbin. 
There will be housekeeping everyday.. 
They will give you new bottle of water, coffee and tea everyday. 
If you get a 2 single-bed room, you will be given 2 bottles of mineral water. 
If you book a 1 king sized bedroom, you will be given only 1 bottle of mineral water.

The hair dryer.. 

The 3 pin plug I'm talking about. 
240 AC/50 Hz

The hook to hang your clothes. 

The TV 
It's quite comfortable for me to watch it when lying on the bed. 
There is a remote control. 
Everything works well.
The TV display is clear too. 
There are many channels too.
Watch the Discovery Channel (8)
Not bad.

Quite clear? 

The centralized air-cond 
It's cool enough even if you switch off the air-cond at night.

There is a lift there. There are many cheap hotels around this area. Basically when people say this is the hot spot area, I think, if you do not really observe them, they simply do not exist actually. 

Ha- An extra information here. A bapa ayam told my Dad that the price for a woman is SGD 40 per night. Hotel payment under client and is separated from the SGD 40. The ladies were from India. None are Singaporeans. Well, I saw 1 only. She is quite pretty though. Ha- 

Nice experience I would say. 
Nice to see, avoid from going near. 

We went to Sentosa Island after that. From our hotel to Sentosa Island by cab is SGD 10.20 (20 minutes drive). 

RWS : Resorts World Singapore
There the dress code for Singapore Genting Casino 

They are strict.
My brother and I can't enter because we are not up to age yet. 
They check passport. 
Overseas guests and Singaporeans are divided two different areas for gambling. 
Each Singaporean and PR have to pay SGD 100 to enter. 
It's free for foreigners. 
Inside, you are supplied with hot milo. 
And some entertainments like singing stuff.

Bad photo taken.
I'm fat. 
Super-gluber fat. 

Mom and Dad. 

While they are inside the Casino,
my brother and I went around the place to snap photo.

Ever photo seems to make me look fat. 
= ( I'm so sad.

Another try.

The Lake of Dreams. 
Ha- Yea right..
Lake of Dreams..
Dreams come true?

Ummm this is what I also don't know.. 
I folded my jeans to 3/4. 

I snapped this from the 2nd floor. 
Some tall people making entertainment at downstairs. 
Some sort of band.

A tall christmas tree.
Thin one. 
I zoom it. 

When my parents came out from the casino, we went to take the free ride train to see Sentosa Island. 
Basically the train only got 4 stations. 
I can't really remember but I think you all should drop by at the Impian where you can snap many pretty photos there. 

In the monorail (train)

It's a bad weather..
Here's the sea within Sentosa Island.
Taken from the monorail.

It's tooooooooooo fast..
I can't snap the SENTOSA.

Malacca also has this (Taming Sari Tower in Malacca) 

The giant Merlion. 
There is a story about this creature
but I'm not quite sure. 

Super tiny me 
with the giant.

OK this looks better.
The pole hides my flabby body.


I sorta like this
though my legs are real huge here.

The silvery stuff are all made from recycled items. 
Pretty unique.
On my right is the dolphin. 
On my left should be the oyster shell.

The recycled stuff

Me and my brother 

With the birds

Act cute

Mom and Dad 

I know I'm fat here
=X Family photo

Brother and I

Bro, me, Dad

Ha- my bro

<3 shape

Just some colourful mosaic

My brother and I again
Whassup with that weird peace~ 



And me

And me again 

I'm not done yet~



After visiting all places where the free monorail brought us, 
We went to Vivocity. 
It is also a free ride. 
Be cautious.. 
You can't come back to Sentosa once you have gone up to the Vivocity.
You then need to pay to re enter Sentosa. 

The Christmas tree in Vivocity 

Vivocity ~ 
Blurr photo
My legs are broken into pieces already.. 
Shaky~ Painful~ 
Vivocity basically is a place for shopping lovers 
There are a lot of stuff here and you can walk all day if you want to
I am simply not interested in walking in the mall 
After a day of walking and stressing on my feet. 

This is the wheel of don't know what
I'm not quite sure of the name.. 
It is something similar to our Malacca's Eye on Malaysia. 
Ferris wheel.. 
It's about SGD 30 + per ride for an adult 
That's what I read from the website.. 
It's at Marina Bay 
The place where the Singapore American casino is. 
The American casino is said to be more high class than the Genting one.
It's situated some where near a building where there is a big ship on its rooftop. 
The taxi driver knows. 

We woke up at 8.30 a.m., had chipsmore for breakfast then departed to Haw Par Villa at 10.15 a.m. We arrived at Haw Par Villa at 10.50 a.m. And we leave Haw Par Villa at 12.40 p.m., sending around 2 hours there photo snapping.

A taxi driver told us that Haw Par Villa is nothing but just dead things around, nothing nice to see. However, I don't think so. It's quite a nice place to go.. If you love take photos. They have nice backgrounds over there. 

Please remember to bring a cap/umbrella or anything that can cover you from the sunlight because most of the places there are not under shade.

Check out the information here. 
It's big enough I believe.

Some brief information about Haw Par Villa. 

These are basically the brief map of Haw Par Villa. 
The Ten Courts of Hell is one of the most fantastic places that you must visit at Haw Par Villa.

Here's the entrance. 
Get your sport shoes prepared. 
You have to walk and climb a lot.. 
And look at the sun behind us..
Remember to bring sun shade. 

The car..
Belonging to don't know who..
Check it out yourself.. 

Here's some information about the car, Garage aka

The Garage?

Spot me?

Wishing well~ 
Yeah yeah..
I want to be happy everyday~ 
No nothing but just happy.

Here's the outside of the Ten Courts Hell. 
There are two monsters looked creatures standing outside
The 牛头马面 
Bull head, horse face. 
It's a Chinese believed creature that brings the dead to hell for judgement 
All these are under Buddhist belief. 
I'm a Christian. 
Amen. ^^

Here's the overall look of the Ten Courts Hell entrance.

I didn't snap a lot of the photos inside because it's dark inside. 
It's pretty.
Quite scary. 
The exhibits are arranged in sequence so that you can understand the story better.
Basically it tells about one after death..
If he does a lot of bad things.. 
He need to undergo different judgments and punishments when he comes to the Ten Courts Hell
Adultery, disrespect to elders, harming others for own sake's good and many more
There are many types of cruel punishments for various crimes committed. 
It's a pretty cool place to visit. 
They spend more on maintaining this because everything looks new. 

Me and the... Tiger.

Again, different pose. 

Yes, never tired with the tiger 
Big arms. 
Close your eyes.

Me again.


The 3 Gods.. 


Toad, money and me

The Lady of Liberty is here too
I wonder why~

I love this photo
Cuz I look so tiny here...

Me with the fatty God 

This is Sha Zhang.. 
The third disciple of Sami Tang in Journey to the West
He is being seduced by the demons.

The boney God

I like this photo too

This also not bad! =P

Riding on the tiger.

Guan Gong 
I'm holding your misai~

It's 2 D

A group photo 
Of the Thailand liked God

Last photo before we exit the place.

It's free.... = )

Ah, got some more
I'm lazy to move them up..
It's stilL Haw Par Villa 

The goats.. 
Dad and I are born in the goat year

I'm cute here
Cuter than it!  = ))) 


Tiger lady 
And us

Alright, we are done with Haw Par Villa...
Then, we headed to the Science Centre at Jurong East. 

There is a MC D outlet outside the Science Centre.. 
Oh man.. It's crowded like shit..
We went on weekday fyi (but school holiday la~)
MC D set lunch in Singapore is cheap in their currency.
1 set is just SGD 5, if enlarge it is only SGD 0.50.
Unlike in Malaysia.

We started our exploration in the Science Centre at 2 p.m.
Everybody was telling me that Singapore Science Centre is a must to go
After visiting that place..
Spending 4 hours of rushing and walking like shit tired..
I feel that it is overall OK.. 
Not really that fancy like how I have imagined it to be
I don't think Malaysia science centre will lose to Singapore's.
Kedah Science Centre has some amazing stuff which Singapore doesn't have.
The Science Centre in Singapore is big, undeniable 
However the exhibit stuff are.. OK-OK Not really that terrific I would say.
Anyway, it's cheap la..
Adult : SGD 9 
Child (Below 18 years old) : SGD 5
Senior Citizen : SGD 6

Time : Daily for school holidays.. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. 

Big head I have..
This is something special and fun

Very common thing, isn't it?

Even common..
The rice kolam exhibit
= /

Astro Boy
Ok, I can't fit in. 

Einstein climbing.. 
It's dark.
Observe properly 

Nice stars decoration outside of the Science Centre

We took the Jurong East MRT one way ride to Orchard.
We stopped at Ang Mo Kio then switched to another MRT to Sommerset
We took the long way..
It costs only SGD 2.90
Very cheap.
Very fast.

There are some Christians having caroling at that time I guess..
Nice costumes.
We are at Sommerset Orchard Road now 

Decoration at Orchard
I love lights on trees.

So pretty..
I always find this romantic.
I don't know why.

The decoration of the buildings in Orchard.

The special Christmas tree

Purple Christmas tree..

This is inside the christmas tree

So pretty uh huh..

Sports car..
@@ I see sports car everywhere in Singapore

We were dead tired after the walk in Orchard. 
We headed back to our hotel at 11.30 p.m. by taxi.
Again, this time we waited for half an hour for it to arrive. 
This is something I hate about Singapore.
At Malacca, taxi wait for passenger.
However in Singapore, the passenger has to wait for the taxi. 
How dilemma it is. 

It's the last day in Singapore. We checked out at 11.50 a.m. We all slept quite late last night.. Around 3 a.m.

I didn't know that Singapore's Hokkien drama is translated to Mandarin. @@

We went to Geylang 15 for breakfast. Luxury breakfast.. @@

Crocodile meat soup 
It tastes a little harder and rougher 
It's quite tasty actually
Cost SGD 12 per bowl 

The aunty gave us an extra bowl of herb soup 

We tried the.. What you call this..
Tian Chi soup first..
Those bones are to show how much meat they gave in a bowl. 
Cost : SGD 8.50 (with a bowl of rice)

That's the aunty
And here's the stall..

Crocodile meat.. 

Tian Chi 

Say hi to Aunty 

Then we went to Chinatown after that with a cab.
It costs SGD 9 from Geylang 15 to Chinatown. 

Ying Yang sweetie
It's actually Cincau + Tofu Fa 
It's hot dessert
Cost : SGD 1.50

3 flavors Cold desert
Cost : SGD 2.00

Shao Bing 
Something pastry like pizza bread 
Cost : SGD 1.50

Ice cream bread 
It's YAM! = )))
Cost : SGD 1.20

After all the snack and food.. 
We carried a heavy stomach and boarded a double decker bus from Chinatown to Lavender (SGD 1.20)
Then from Lavender headed to Kallang bus stop (SGD 1.00)

Our bus departed at 5 p.m. 
So, that's the end of the Singapore budget family trip 
It's quite successful because we managed to visit all the places we have planned.
In fact, we had extra time. 
The total expenditure is acceptable because we are really very budget. 
=) What to do~ Their currency is too high. =X

f i n a  l l y . . . . 


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