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Friday, December 17, 2010

My Growing Process, Recorded by Friendster

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It's raining outside now. My fingers and toes felt the chill most vividly. Those are the sensitive parts of the body which are exposed to the air I guess. 

As I grow older, I realised that there are many things in life, they are not up to you to decide how they should be. Even at times, we ourselves are the ones that need to modify ourselves to suit those non-living things. Why? I thought we are more superior than them? 

Besides that, I also noticed that we simply have to keep some problem to ourselves despite how much you feel like pouring out to people. This is because sometimes, these problems are not meant to be known besides to yourself. Not everything is OK to be told. And, not everybody likes the way you advice them. Ha- 

I'm stepping to the age of 20 years old next year. Time is passing real fast and I'm really growing up already. Ha- 


Many things, I cannot stay the same like last time. I simply have to grow up despite I like it or not. Because that's just how life is.. Non-stop of growing up.. 


I paused for 1 hour..
because I went to Friendster.
I'm really surprised to see many stuff..
= / I miss the old days..

Let me narrate a little story about myself..
Sit back and stay tuned..
If you are interested to know my growing process laaaaa
If not, get lost.
^^ I mean, please leave.
That sounds more polite.
It's such a nostalgic feeling~

A big tree comes from a small seed;
Lydia comes from a small baby. 

There you go.. 
The little cute baby in the photo.. 
It's a SHE
Her name is Lydia Chai Yee Xuan. 
Sadly, she has real little baby photos because coincidentally, 
the camera broke down in the year she is born. 

She grows up to be a little girl. 
This photo is taken in year 1994..
So, she's probably 3 years old plus now. ^^
I know you wanna say she's cute.
Yes I know. We all know that. 
She's so tiny last time.

Time flies....... 
Very fast.........
She hardly takes a lot of photos last time.....
So now, here we are... 
She's now a teenager! 

She was in Form 2. 
That time, she didn't have a hand phone herself yet.
OK, laugh if you want to. 
At my time, kids hardly have phone themselves at a young age. 
She snapped this photo with her dad's phone.  

She used to have a god sis, Bong. 
She was a wonderful girl, if you get to know her.
She was a crazy, funky, funny and just adorable woman to be with. 
Lydia had a lot of good memories with her.
Something bad went wrong somewhere after the years.. 
Their sisterhood was broken but they are still friends now. 
Bong is a great friend. = )
And for Lydia.. This was the first time she was wearing Punjabi suite. 
Many said she looked perfect with the Punjabi suite. 

After the PMR exam, 
she decided to carry out a half day charity work at the Salvation Army.
It's the home for orphans. 
She is the organiser and nobody knows from where she had the idea from.
Those are her friends, who helped her to make the plan came true that day.

Lydia and Vivien playing Eggie game. 
If you are around my age, you probably know what this game is.
It's the counting "鸡蛋鸡蛋,看谁先破,不是你,就是我!”
It's just a small kid game. 
This is after her PMR exam.
It's Vivien's first experience for camping. 
They were having a camp at El Sanctuary.
The U.N.O. second season camp. 

She got straight A's in PMR.
That's one of the accomplishments she is proud of in her studies life. 
There is only a handful of people who got straight A's and she's the lucky one. 

She entered the science stream to proceed the secondary life. 

She was very busy in Form 4.
Besides busy with the activities in school, she was also busy sleeping in class. 

Her hair was real long last time..
They were having the Citra camp at Alor Gajah 
It was a 1 week camp, organised by the government. 

Everybody was instructed to lie down immediately once the whistle was blown. 
OK, obviously, she was slow.
There was no space at all for her to lie down.
You don't expect her to lie on people's bodies, uh huh?
One thing she was very proud about herself here was that :
She was known to be the PRETTIEST Chinese girl there
OK, she never thought that herself was pretty, ever.
So, she was really happy to hear that compliment. ^^

She joined the Choir club. 
She loved singing but was really not very talented, uh..
She was singing "tenor" in the choir. 
She enjoyed Choir time very much.. 
Although it was just once in a week. 
This photo was taken prior competition. 

It's the friendship star.. 

She was appointed to be the next President for Interact Club.
So, she was the organiser for the Farewell as well as Installation Night. 

She was the President for Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya
She was real proud of herself you see.. 
Giving speech in English and received the best double applause.
OK, In short, she was proud and happy with herself. 
It was an achievement to her. 

First experience of joining an International Camp with Singaporeans. 
Those were her group members.

This was on the last day.. 
It was not porno, but a show. 
It's hard to explain here.
In short, it would not be like what you think now *dirty minded uh huh*
It was a.. Man Fitness Show. 

"Which is your favourite one, clap as loud as you can for them"
"Nobody would be taking any camera.. So, chill man!"
When they were out..
"GOSH! FASTER SNAP!" Everybody was busy snapping. 

She loved singing but as mentioned,
she was never good in it. 
She joined the Buddhist Singing Hymn 
And here's the group photo.. 
It was a lovely moment.. 

I put this larger.. 
So that you can see everybody's faces clearer.
I can't remember this was for what.. 
I knew it was in Taylors. 
LOL, You're not blind I know.
It's big enough printed on the bags..

This little bike fetched her to school and her friends' house since Form 1.
However, her parents decided to trade it for a better bike. 
She was sad that time. 
She loved this bicycle although it was real slow and difficult to ride,
compared to the bicycle she traded in for now.

A drawing drawn by her classmate for her.
There was a digi man there because her dad worked for Digi.

"LC" stands for Lydia Chai, fyi~
The Silver Nitrate chemical which gives a mark on skin.
It was a colourless solution but when you applied them on your skin,
Then expose to the sunlight, it would turn into dark chocolate marks like what you can see in the photo.
Lydia LOVED Chemistry a lot.
Yet.. In the end, 
She ended up taking a course which she never thought of studying it at all.

OK.. *counting the candles*
OK.. Ha.. I can't remember ma.
This was the Chocolate Indulgence bought by my family
For my 17th birthday.
"It was like the first time I ever recalled them buying a cake for my birthday.."

These were all her presents for her 17th birthday
She had the most presents on that year. 
Besides, she got 2 big round cakes from her family and Jessica. 

Some last few photo before she decided to chop her long hair. 

It was her day. 
The juniors organised a farewell for her.
It was done in Harbour Club. 
OK, what she was proud of was her hair.
She set it themselves. 
Sadly, she didn't know how to make up last time.
So, she looked plain, ordinary but neutral. 

Her friends were really very supportive though.. 
They went there for her. 
= )))

"I love you peeeeps!"
"Thanks for the support!!!"

She did this for her Guardian Child.
It was a game carried out by the Prefectorial Board. 
Well, it was a handmade note book from used papers..
And a parcel of gifts.. 
Sweets if I'm not mistaken.

She loved baking too.
But she was really never good at it..
The chocolate "gingerbread' 

Golden bread..
This was yummy..
Sweet and tasty.

She did these nuggets herself..

The first ever frosted cake she made..

Looked real good, don't they?
She was real proud with this..
The fruit tarts!

This was really something proud... 
She did it for her Mom.. 
The fruit tart cake. ^^





The long hair was done in the bin.
Here's Lydia with her new looks.
Nobody encouraged her to have short hair. 
They think that she was not going to look good at all in short hair.
She took the risk though.

After a few months..
The hair got longer.. 
And I know, she looked like your Mom.. 
Aunty look.. 

So she straightened her hair. 
OK, this looked better?
She cut her fringe too.. 
It's her first attempt, not counting when young la..
Having this type of fringe

This shows better the progress of her hair... 

These were her friends.. 
They had a lot of fun together while in school.. 
These distorted and retarded-looked photos were taken in the laptop shop.
They were playing with the webcams..
And Lydia snapped the photos taken with her 2.0 mgpixels camera.
And, photoshopped them.

She's pretty, ain't she?
She was Jessica.
Lydia's best friend.

Some self-creation.
"The best creation so far.."
"I'm not artistic you know?"

Goodbye little tortoise..
I let it go.. 
I reared it for a few years already.
I missed it.. 

We did this after SPM.. 
Some cards for our friends..
It was an over night job..
Did this with Sher Ling.

At the beach with friends.

The 3 of us were working. 
Baby Poney, Century Mahkota Hotel, FOS Outlet
Hanging out after work

Some silly thing that they used to do sometimes..
It's just for-fun.

And that's me now! 
19 years old,
entering to 20 next year
= // No more digit 1 at the front. 

TO BE CONTINUED (because I'm still alive =P)



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