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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Farmville and Microsoft Power Point Designs

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I am actually quite blur this morning. I am not completely conscious when I started staring into the monitor early in the morning. I slept pretty late last night and I woke up quite early. -yawn-

Today, I would like to share a little about why I became a Farmville maniac.

First of all, I will tell you what Farmville is. Some may know and some may not. I am a lunatic Farmville fan. *raise both hands up* Wooo!!

From its name, you should be able to guess that it is something to do with farm and farmer.
Exactly, Farmville is all about being a farmer in the cyber world. 

Advantages of playing Farmville 
  • Increase your vocabulary on crops and trees. 
  • Makes you aware of the importance of time punctuation. 
  • Practises good Mathematics in counting the hours of harvest time.
Disadvantages of playing Farmville
  • You will get addicted, like me. 
  • You will be ever willing to spend hours looking at that artificial dream farm of yours.

Why I started playing Farmville at the first place?
Good question. I started to play Farmville since 2009. However, I had a few breaks in between. I became an active player since 2010. I was totally devoted to it and sometimes I do find myself a little extreme in the way I see myself being crazy over the harvest time. Yes, you won't understand what harvest time I am talking about unless you have played or known this game. I classify this game as a game between he and I. We played this game together and we grew up together with it. It's a very fun game for me because I have a companion who plays along. My motive is to win him at first because his level is much higher than mine. I finally made it a few times to be on the same rank as him and even higher. XD *proud of myself* 

Yes, this is the proof that I win him. XD 
Teh : Level 94 (1026388)
Lydia : Level 94 (1026963) 

So, now, I will introduce my little farm to you. 
Also, I would like to announce proudly that the farmer Lydia has graduated because I have mastered all the crops masteries. 

A tour to Lydia's Farm
See there on the top right hand side? 
Lydia's Farm. XD

Look at my recently built Valentines Castle 
Pretty, isn't it?

You can always customize your avatar. 
And yes, that's me above in the fairy costume! XD

The focus is on my rows of crops masteries sign boards.
I feel honored. 

Here's my Winery.
The place where I create products (wine) based on crops bushels. 
It's the way to gain fuel. 

Here's my buildings.. 
*proud* *proud* 

Here's my cute animals.. 
I am a foal collector. 
I love to collect various kinds of foals.

Here's the market where you can buy seeds and plant.

*Drums rolling*
Ta-da! Proudly show to you my badges! 

*Drums rolling* *Applause* 
Yay! I have completed all the 3 stars for all the crops! XD

OK, I guess that's all I can introduce to you about my farm.
It's a Facebook game. 
You can also play this game via 
It's fun and really fun! 


I have to confess my sin here. 
This is actually posted by me. =X
Ha- Of course, he didn't delete it means that he approves it too. 
It's weird to see so many feedback from so many people.. 
Ha- Still, thank you everybody! 
Yes, a Leo is always a boastful person.
I am happy to see the feedbacks and they all made a broad smile on my face.


This baby is very cute isn't it? 
Definitely, because it's ME! 
XD *proud proud*
*showing off again*
I love to see him hanging this on his display picture.
I wonder why~


We are feeling tedious of the default designs in Microsoft Power Point, isn't it?

I have created 2 designs for Microsoft Power Point. 
I am going to share them out for mass usage. 
Feel free to use them. 
However, please kindly credit me if you are using them. 
Below are the precise terms and conditions for using my creations.

Terms and Conditions
It's short, don't worry. Please read. Thank you.
I make the font big for you. 
1. Please kindly credit me if you are using any of my designs. 
2. Please DO NOT deliberately erase off my trademark on the designs.
3. I'd be pleased to know if you can drop down a message to tell me that you are using any of them. 
4. Please do not sell my designs for commercial purposes. I will chop you like I am chopping a bull. 

There you go.. 

Credits :
C 905 Sony Ericson 8.1 megapixels mobile camera
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Microsoft Power Point 2007
Presario CQ 40 Compaq laptop

Please click on the picture before you save as them. 
Or else the picture's size will be very small.

Front page.

Content page. 

[Save as the picture for usage.]

Front page.

Content page.

[Save as the picture for usage.]

I will be creating various designs from time to time. 
So, I also have no idea which is the best way to store them.
So, if you are my frequent reader, God bless you.
You will be able to catch up with my designs updates from time to time.

Please let me know if you like them. 
It's a nice feeling when people like your stuff, really. 

I personally like the second design better. 
What do you think?
Fyi, the person on the bicycle in the second design is Mr. Fadzillah. =P


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