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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hand made hand roll

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I am going to inhabit a healthy lifestyle starting 2011. Why? Because I'm moving to 20 very soon and I think I should be cautious with my food consumption especially when I am staying away from home. The food at home is always the healthiest, so don't grumble if your mom's cooking is too boring or tasteless. It is always good that way and I enjoy eating my mom's cooking. She cooks without putting much salt or sugar. To some people, my mom's cooking would be eww but it is always the best and healthiest one for me. I never grow that fat last time when I'm at home although I eat a lot. That must be the reason I guess.

Living away from home, I have decided a few menu which I think I can carry it out at here. At my hostel, we are not supposed to bring electric cooker or any other kinds of electrical cookery which consumes a lot of voltage. 1, it is dangerous; 2, it consumes a lot of electricity and hence the bill is high. At here, the only stuff which I have to prepare my own diy food are :

  • Knife
  • Spoon and fork 
  • Mangkuk tingkat (I don't know what they call this in English) 
  • Thermos flask 
  • Chopping sheet (It's the thing people use to put their plates on top, I use it to chop stuff)

What are the usual stuff I have in my room?

  • Honey 
  • Free pepper and salt from Mc D (Collect them, it's free you know?)
  • Tom Yam paste
  • Chicken stock 
  • Ikan Bilis stock
  • Vermicelli 
  • Nori 
and of course the normal beverages like hot chocolate, oat and stuff. 

With all these stuff, I can easily cook a few simple dishes at here. ^^ It's of course more troublesome if you compare it to cooking maggie mee. Many probably wonder how college people cook their maggie mee when they do not have a stove. It's easy. 

  • Some people use tupperware. They break the noodle if it is too huge to fit into the container. Then, they will put in the seasoning powder and go to the water cooler to fill in boiling water. And yes, bring back to their room and enjoy. 
  • And some people like me, I prefer using mangkuk tingkat which I think is more convenient and better. After all, mangkuk tingkat is made from stainless steel. It is metallic and able to keep my noodle warm longer and hotter. 
Yes, we don't cook our noodle really as in BOIL it. It is always healthier if you can simmer your noodle at least twice before eating it. As we all know, maggiee mee = poison noodle. Some say the noodle is the most dangerous thing in a maggiee packet because of the wax coated around the noodle which disallows the noodle to stick together and cook faster (wax=oil, okay?). I read somewhere, it is the same theory as we cook butter with pasta. The motive is not to let the noodle stick to one another. 

Of course, it is NOT good to consume maggiee mee. If you can, try not to because it is bad. Now, I am changing from instant noodle to vermicelli. The vermicelli I am talking about is not the instant packet style. It is the real vermicelli which people use to cook with a wok or pan. Don't doubt it because I am not lying. You can really cook your vermicelli by simmering it a few times in hot boiling water. I find it healthy this way because I simmer it at least thrice or sometimes even more, depending on how fast I want my vermicelli to be cooked. 

It is always so easy to prepare the soup for your vermicelli. You can add in Tom Yam paste or any flavor of stock found in the supermarket. I will blog next time about how I cook my vermicelli in my very own way in hostel, a place where there is no proper kitchen and stove but only a shared electric kettle. 

Today, I am going to talk more on hand roll. I bought nori from Penang yesterday. It costs around RM 5.30 for 10 sheets. It is quite expensive. However, it always worth it because nori is a healthy snack. I would consider to get myself more nori and add in to my daily consumption for I experience mild anemia sometimes. Girls need more blood as we renew our blood every month. = / So, eat nori. It's good for you. It contains a high amount of iron which is the nutrient which formulates your blood. 

I went to cafe and bought a packet of rice with some dishes. And I was so excited looking at the soft and soggy rice. Hence, I took out one piece of the nori and started placing the rice and filling (dishes). Lastly, I roll it. And ta-da! \/ 

Say hello to my first hand made hand roll! 

Does the meat looks tempting to you?
It's the RM 2 fried chicken that we have in our cafe everyday with some sauce on it. 
It looks like unagi though.. 
Yes, that is my hand roll.

This is the top view of the filling of my hand roll. 
Yes, laugh, laugh harder if you want to- 
Those are the limited stuff that I can find in our cafe here. 
But- Hand roll and sushi are actually creative dishes. 
You can always put in whatever what you want to eat. 

So, I think that's all for now. 
I find my hand roll quite successful. 
Ha- What do you think?

Note : It's my first attempt, I deserve some applauses and compliment uh huh!


  1. quite creative! the hand roll thing, but I'll definitely be too lazy to do that. I wanna try the vermicelli thing though, since maggi will kill me.

  2. ; ) Yes, the hand roll is more of a too-free-nothing-to-do activity with food. The nori is healthy though. It's good to have it in your diet sometimes. Vermicelli and the soup/paste total price is more a less the same as a packet of maggiee mee. However, if you compare the degree of danger, of course maggiee mee kills you faster. Choose vermicelli, cheap and safe.