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Friday, January 14, 2011

How to ask your girlfriend to go for diet ? Love Contract

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Miss him, miss him, miss him..

Note : This post has nothing really informative to read about. It's gonna be he and me only. ^^

There are many reasons why boyfriend wants their girlfriend to go for diet. They provide all kinds of reasons/excuses that sounded to be reasonable but not at all in fact. Some will say, it is for your own health, better figure, get pretty clothes easily without worrying about size and many more.. However, my boyfriend is unique because he tells me this..

How My Boyfriend Wants Me To Slim Down?

Boyfriend : I had a few dreams which are more a less the same.
Girlfriend : What are they about?
Boyfriend : About why I need you to slim down a little..
Girlfriend : - ___ - " Grrr..
Boyfriend : It is because I want to be able to carry you..

Situation : The boyfriend is thinner than the girlfriend. =X

DREAM 1 a.k.a. Situation 1 
In this dream, the boyfriend was carrying his girlfriend on his back. They were supposed to cross over from one land to the another ahead. Between the two lands is a sea/river (it doesn't make sense if it is sea = = ") So, due to the girlfriend is too heavy, the boyfriend cannot manage to carry her to reach the other end. In the end, both of them fall down together into the sea. 

DREAM 2 a.k.a. Situation 2 
In this dream, the boyfriend was also carrying the girlfriend on his back. However, the difference was the setting. They were at another place which got a tall pole for them to climb up so that they would not drown. Hence, because of the same reason again (the girlfriend is too heavy), the boyfriend was unable to climb up to the top with her on his back. In the end, both of them slipped down together into the sea.

Conclusion :
The boyfriend wants the girlfriend to diet because she is too heavy for him to carry and the boyfriend wants to be able to carry the girlfriend although he is physically smaller than her.

Note : 
I know I have bad drawing. It's OK if you don't understand because I have already tried my best to explain it in words. I'm sorry if I still make you blur and unable to interpret what I wanted to say.

Opinion : 
I don't find it humiliating but oppositely, I find him cute telling me all these in such a funny way. I will watch my diet and food consumption but I still do not have the intention to really get into a diet seriously. = / I'm sorry.. I just enjoy eating and I really do, very much. =X


Here's another thing to share about my loved one-
We did this during Pengurusan Koku = = "
Sorry to Mr. Chee..
I didn't mean not to pay attention.. =X

You are probably wondering what is it we have done..
Think again,
and again,
and harder this time..
OK, forget about it.
You will not know anyway.
Because I'm the writer who is writing all these.
Even if you think until your head cracks,
you won't know too unless I tell you what is it so.
I'm actually waiting for the picture to be uploaded..
That's why I'm typing all these bullshit here..
Thank you for reading.
Let's welcome the content of the agreement I made -

Agreement (Surat Perjanjian) 

The picture you just roll your eyes on before reading this is the agreement set by me to him. Here's the translated content. 

Love Me Contract 
1. You must not lie to me. 
2. You must not scold me or be fierce to me. 
3. You must accompany me. 
4. You must not leave me alone, despite in what circumstances. 
5. You must always be ever willing to listen to my problems.
6. When I cry, you must give in to me. 
7. Love me forever and ever. 

Subject to changes anytime as I wish to. 
No regrets, no grumbles. 
Valid tills forever.

                               ________teh joo kiat_______              (12.1.2011) 
(Teh Joo Kiat) 
(Ivan Jon) 

You want to say I'm childish, yes you may
You want to say I'm silly, no you can't because I'm smart. ^^
It's always fun to do this kind of little stuff with your loved one. 
I simply love the way when he gives in just to make me happy. 
^^ Love you forever~!


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