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Monday, January 17, 2011

Poison food vs Human population vs PLAN?

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Hello! I just came across a video from Facebook regarding something that I think everybody should know. So, I'm using my blog as a medium to deliver the content of the video, hoping that everybody will be aware of the issue. 

This video tells about how the America and Britain are planning a secretive plan on vanquishing the world population to as high as 80% wipe out from poisoning us through our daily food. And now, this is also practise by other countries all over the world. 

It's an informative video which illustrates clearly the factors, elaborations and examples that threaten human's health. So, please take some time to let the video to load and watch it. 13.44 minutes are nothing compared to your precious life, isn't it? 

Although the world population is increasing in a scary pattern but I think we shouldn't deserve to DIE in this way. The authorities should not approve on food that are poisonous to the public and fold their arms at one side, visioning at their great mission of reducing the human race population to as 80%. It is just unfair that the innocent newborns, teenagers, kids, toddlers, adults and even old people to suffer this way because of the so called GREAT mission.

I believe that God has His plan for all these. He wouldn't want mankind to use their own intelligence to solve this severe problem that the world is facing today. If this world is really too limited to fit in everybody, maybe that is when God will return to solve this problem for once and for all in His way. Solving it by poisoning the human race ourselves is the selfish way that is foolish. 

Nobody should decide whether you live or you die except God. 
Not the politicians, scientists or anybody on Earth. 
None has the rights to do that to anybody.
That is synonym to MURDERING! 

They have Chinese subtitles. 

Be aware of the food you are consuming everyday.
There is a reason why people today are getting so much illnesses that our grandparents don't last time. 
There are somebody with high authorities are playing some tricks on us deliberately. 

Be aware of what you eat because that is where the poison enters your body. 

To IPDA fellows who think that water from water cooler is bad, 
after watching this video, maybe you will change your thought.. 
The mineral water that seems clean is not THAT clean as you think it is. 
It is poisonous TOO. 


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