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Monday, January 03, 2011

Joke + Poem by me

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My class started on 3rd of January 2011. Everything is a new start. We are now no more classmates but only course mates. I honestly miss the old times when we spend so much time having each other around. Albeit we are studying at the same building, only a thin wall apart from us, I still feel the emptiness that used to be occupied last time. It's true, we only know how to appreciate when we lose it. Sigh..

However, I tell myself, if this is true love, it can resist all tests and obstacles. After all, it is just a thin layer of wall that separates us. We must consider ourselves fortunate as many other couple are unfortunately far apart from each other, some are falling in love with someone from their hometown and overseas. So, yes, Lydia, don't be so dependent on boyfriend, you can always stand strong too on both of your feet. Cheers.

I learn to cherish him better now. Maybe, it is just the feeling of not-wanting-to-waste-anymore-time that makes me don't want to anyhow waste the little moment we afford to share out for each other everyday. It is really limited but I believe if we cherish it and be thankful for that little moment, we can still rejoice that resulted in indescribable happiness. I love him very much.

We had our HEP (Hal Ewal Pelajar) talk in the hall regarding the general rules of IPDA. Of course, the famous AKTA 174 is out..

Mr. Zahir (Ketua Unit Disiplin) said a stupid joke which I find it really very funny but quite offensive to some people..
So, here's it is..

Why shouldn't you apply for changing of course/institution in IPDA?
Mr. Zahir : Janganlah kamu nak minta tukar kursus ke atau institut (Please do not request for changing of course and institution)  
Mr. Zahir :  Juga, janganlah bagi sebab kata you tak suka si dia punya gigi jonggang (And don't give the reason because that person has snaggletooth) 
Mr. Zahir : Hahahaha.. OK.. Sori la kepada sesiapa yang giginya jonggang! (Hahahaha.. OK, sorry to those who have snaggletooth)

Snaggletooth little fugly
Remember to get your teeth done asap
with braces or any oral aid 
Horrible teeth gives really horrendous impression. 

OK, many people don't catch Mr. Zahir's joke but it is funny to me. =X I'm bad. I always laugh at people.. BUT, I don't let people laugh me. You can laugh at me, BUT do it behind me. Don't let me know! =P

Another joke of the day.. I don't know what gigi jonggang is in English.. So I thought of translate it by Yahoo Babel Fish Translator. Guess what I have after typing in the Chinese words that is synonym to gigi jonggang (Malay)?

Gigi jonggang = 爆牙齿 = Explodes the tooth?? = snaggletooth 

Lesson to be taught here : Don't simply trust what the translator says.. The translation given is a direct translation from the original language that you have typed in. Enough of jokes. It's near 11 p.m. already. I'm a healthy girl. I slept early last night. Huhu.. Yet, I feel sleepy the next day too. I wonder why.. @@

Little Rain 
Written by : Lydia Chai Yee Xuan
Rainbow umbrella hides the ray
that causes glaringness to my eyes.
Rain visits me when I'm grumpy, 
or happy;
Takes away all my shades,
including my masks and my veils. 
Dew in the morning greets, 
saying 'hello, it's a new day!'
I tear, I smile and I play 
the game that never ends 
until I rest myself eternally. 

A little poem by me to tell all of you to be strong, never to say you surrender in the game of life. You will never know how it ends when you still have your steps to move. Cheers under the rain.


  1. lydia! i didn't know you had a blog...
    really enjoying reading it..
    ahhahahhaha explodes the tooth!

  2. ^^ I am a blogger since don't know when but I always switch blog.. So, yeah I think this is the final one.. Hopefully la~