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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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Today, I'm slightly free because I don't have any meetings at night. I'm so glad for that. Degree life is really different and I realised, I have been lied for many years. Last time, people used to say that university life is easy pizzy, not stressful and relaxing. Things do not seem to be that way for me.. I don't feel any "relax".

Our Sahsiah lecturer gave us a personality test based on drawing. She explained mine as :

  • I have conflict with my Mom.
  • I am an emotional and sensitive person.
  • My Mom is the dominant character in my family. 
After the lesson, I asked her randomly, what kind of person do you think I am based on my looks?
  • Not genuine. 
  • Not really a happy go lucky person but sometimes I am. 
  • Sometimes, I am an idealist and sometimes I am not. 
Note : 
I have read some articles last time regarding a person's characters. It says that everybody's characters change as time passes. Nobody stays all the times the same. And people are different kind of people at different place and time. So, I don't think I am odd if you say I am different sometimes. Everybody is like that. Isn't it? 

Her lessons are interesting though. Besides asking us to do presentation, what I like most about her lessons are: She tells real experience stories and gives personality tests which are really fun and not tedious like some other classes. 

<3 Yes, yes, I love it this way! 
That's how the Leo always is. 
Leo boasts around a lot and they love being in the center of attention. 

If they consider Bible as a reliable source of information and knowledge, there are various questions that arose in Linguistics class can be answered. The answers are mainly found in the book of Genesis. I am in the process of reading it chapter by chapter everyday. It is not really a burden if you make it as a habit to spend some time reading one chapter a day. It is all a matter of you want to do it or not. Saying that you do not have the time is simply a lame excuse because reading one chapter of a Bible does not take you more than 10 minutes for goodness sake. So, be a faithful Christian, read the Bible, know the words of God. Peace be with you. Amen. 

Example of questions : 
  1. Where does language comes from? 
  2. Why there are so many different kind of races today since Adam and Eve are the first two humans made by God?


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