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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mini Class Party TESL IPDA

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I feel really grrrr today because of the super duper hot than ever weather. I got really frustrated and simply couldn't concentrate in whatever things I was doing.

Anyway, I just uploaded some photos from my C905. And I just remembered that I did not blog about our "mini class party" that was held on 14 February. *I still couldn't blog about my Valentines because the photos are not complete yet. I'm still waiting.. Patient, patient..* 

MINI CLASS PARTY | 14.2.2011 
Too bad, some people were informed earlier and some last minute..
Hence, not everybody could turned up for the party. 

The various types of beverages.
I like all the bottles except the 4th one which is so ordinary in shape.
The rest have an unique shape. 

Yes, it's her again.
She wanted to pose. 
Basically, our FOOD and DRINKS are like what you can see from this photo.

Foundation Semester 1



Degree Year 1 Semester 1 
= / Mei Mei's hand shake while she was snapping I guess.
It's a bit blur.

Similarities and differences?
Yes I know.. I have put on EXTREMELY LOT of weight. 
= / I didn't want to but I just can't help it... =X

Ah, I didn't rotate it.
Anyway, this is Mei Mei's valentines gift.
So sweeeet! 
Nvm. Mine is not that bad either! 

Mei Mei took it without our conscious
Yes, really retarded looks over there!

My hair's messy!
Ah, he with his forever "charming" looks
Hahaha.. =X =P
That's him and the way I like him to be.

Those who attended the party.


Lol.. There's an extra body beside the 4 girls.

I feel like watching drama now.
I will most probably blog again tomorrow.
Thanks for viewing!


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