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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Story About A Cheque

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As promised, here's my update. I am practising the habit of blogging about things that I have learned in church every week. For instance, I will share about what the pastor preached and what are my views regarding the pertinent preached topic for the week. Anyway, here I am again, sharing with you something interesting said by Rev. Goh.

Before I start, good morning everyone. I woke up extraordinary early today which was 9 a.m. ^^ It's a weekend for your information. Tee hee--

Yes, that's the thing I am going to talk about today. We all know what cheque is, don't we? In simple words, it's MONEY. The money which we all love very much. 

Let's see how a cheque looks like. 

Anyway, I have got a definition for cheque from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. It says.. 

It's a print screen. 
You can see the definition, photo as well as the origin of the word 'cheque'

Now, I believe that you know what cheque is and we are going to proceed to why I relate cheque to God. Trying to figure out by giving a wild guess? Good luck!

From young, everyone of us is taught to go after things which will make yourself a better person. For example, 
  • Uncountable Money 
  • Education scroll 
  • Good pay career 
  • A wonderful woman/man to be your spouse
  • Cute little ones that complete your family tree
  • And so forth 

Our parents taught us not to waste time doing stupid things like: 
  • Watching TV with a bowl of snack 
  • Gossiping about everything that comes across your mind
  • Laugh at nonsensical stuff for 1 hour
  • Sleep for more than 8 hours and turn yourself into a pig
  • And so forth 

True, we shouldn't waste time on unnecessary things like this. We should spend our time wisely on things which we can SEE.

So you see, we are taught this way since young. We blindly go after things which make us superior and better than others. Everybody knows that, for those who do not study, do not have money... They are equal to NO USE PEOPLE. Agree? That's harsh, isn't it?

Usually, there's a sequence of achievements which normally people would go after for--- 

1. Education 
If you don't study, you are stupid. 
And even if you study, you are not smart, you don't score,
you are also STUPID!
So, make sure when you study, you know what you are studying.
If not, you are just wasting your time. 

2. Career 
Once you have got your education, 
you will move on to aim for a good career,
which can bring you lots of money. 
Career vs money. 
No career, no money. 

3. Marriage
Now, you are a smart and caliber person with good career.
Next, you will want to have a spouse.
So you would think of MARRIAGE. 
Yes, I am sicked of living alone. 
I want a spouse! 
Remember, when you don't have a career,
you can't have your marriage.
In today's world, when you have no money,
you don't talk about marrying a girl. 
I'm talking this in the point of view of a woman.
Gentlemen, make sure you earn a lot of money,
before you propose to a lady. 

4. Home
Awww.. Home sweet home..
That's so lovely! 
When one has education, career and marriage,
what they will look straight after that is a HOME.
When you talk about home, we think about kids.
Yes, KIDS, they make our family tree longer. 

5. Status
Usually, people will stop when they reach the 4th level-Home
However, for those who are ambitious,
they tend to move on to a higher level: STATUS
Yes, they want status because it's not good enough
to be just an ordinary person named Man or Woman. 
They want to be known as something to people.
"I want to be a Dato or Datin."

6. Property 
When you have status, of course you need to show people
that you have property. 
If you are a poor junk, who do you think people will think you are?
So, status and property are linked together closely.
When you have status, you have property. 
That's what we see from those rich people, uh huh?

Are you curious now how come every each of those words is written inside a circle?

Now, brainstorm.
Think, think, think.

Think out of the box. 

Think what has it got to do with cheque.
This is a hint.

Still can't get it?
It's OK.. 
Look at this.. \/
Second hint. 
Any idea yet?

I hope you got it.. 
Cuz I'm revealing the answer.


I hope that you are still following me closely.

Every each of the word is written in a circle because they represent zero. 

Let's make it clearer for those who cannot imagine or decipher what I am talking about:

Jesus Christ:1 Property: 0 Status: 0 Home: 0 Marriage: 0 Career: 0 Education: 0

Does this resemble a cheque to you?
Try to imagine it.

Our message for today: 
No matter what you think you work hard for are valuable (education, career, marriage, home, status and property), if you do not have Jesus Christ in your list, those are all trash because they all are equal to ZEROS. 

The cheque is not valid if you fill in the figure of amount as 0 0 0 0 0 0 without the '1' at the front. It signifies nothing. 

No matter what you do, remember, God always has His placing in your list. Do not forget to include Him. = ) 

All the best in whatever you ought to do in today! 
I hope that you enjoy the post today. 
I spent near an hour to do this post. 
So, please appreciate it, uh huh?
; ) 


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