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Thursday, March 24, 2011

1 week holiday in IPDA

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : tired tired tired.. wuaa.. 

Recently, I was very busy with the assignments. Although I did not do my work at the last minute, I still find that time and rest were not adequate.

Anyway, here's some photos of the week.

From 12 of March - 19 of March... 
We were the few selected lonely souls in IPDA..
Everybody had gone back for the March mid term holiday except some Sarawakians, Sabahans and us.
Why? Ask UPSI.
Anyway, I think it's worth it because we gonna have 4 months holiday soon!

During that 1 week, our routine was more a less like study days.
Listening test, Linguistics test, Group Discussion assessment, Gerko class and blaaaa-
= = " That's not the worse thing of all.
Throughout that 1 week, the cafe was closed.
So, we had to find our ways to settle lunch and dinner.

So one day...
I was so hungry...
I went to Mei Mei's room,
spent some time grumbling and later,
I came out with the decision to -
go to Marina Restaurant~

Marina Restaurant 
A.k.a. Lai Lai Restaurant
Opposite of Yawata Supermarket
Serves: Chinese/Thai food

Oh you know why the photos don't look good?
Cuz we were very hungry..
And the moment when the food came,
we were only interested in eating and not snapping photo.

The dinner for that night were:
Tofu soup, kangkung sambal, fried sotong and 3 tastes chicken.

We took two bowls of rice each.
I didn't finish all the two bowls duh. 
I gave half of the second bowl of rice to him. 
So, in total we paid RM 12.90 per person. 
KFC price?

I was so bloated and contented of that meal.
Eating is such a good time~
Especially.. Eating with him. 
But- I usually have bad temper when I'm hungry.
Or maybe when I am too full.
So, agak-agak uh huh.. 

1 Year and 7 Months Anniversary
20 March 2011 

I did this wrapping paper myself using A4 paper.
I think it's not bad! ; )

Him : I wanna buy chocolates. 
I : No!
Him : Why? That day you bought and now you don't let me buy?
I : Yes, CANNOT!
Him : = = " 
How could I ever allow him to buy since those that I bought were meant for him?

In the process of making the gift box, 
I accidentally hurt my finger with the blade.
My fresh blood.. 
Was absorbed by the tissue,
and thrown into the dustbin after that. 

The tie that I bought for him~ 
The thread was a little loose and I re sew it back for him.
And there you go little gray tie after having a good shower and mini sun light bath.

I asked Vina and Shaleny to help me to pass to him. 
Thanks Vina and Shaleny!
After class, we were chatting on Facebook...

Him : Hey thanks for your presents!
I : ^^ Have you open them up?
Him : Nope. I want to keep until my birthday (10th of September)
I : *FAINT* No! You cannot wait till that long! You must open it now!
Him : Don't want can or not ar? Cuz you wrapped it very nicely.. 
I : = = " Open it now. 

I want to faint. 
How could he actually said such cute stuffs.. 
@@ Guys are unpredictable cute at times when you don't notice they will.
Gah~ XD 
That's him!

UUM had a book fair and we went. 
It was really a...... CUTE LITTLE SMALL book fair I'd describe it.. 
= / Nothing really W-a-o because I anticipated it to be much bigger at first.
Anyway, the food there were quite cheap in the medan selera. 

They said nice, so I snapped it. 
= = " I don't see the point here either.


  1. Your love is so pure and nice. Keep up the good work on your blog. :)

  2. ;) Haaa.. Thanks! Do you write also?