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Saturday, March 19, 2011

There Should Not be Fear During Doomsday

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I really feel that I have the urge of writing this post NOW.

I'm not angry but just annoyed. Why? Cuz I feel that many people today are living in fear due to the doom day. Doomsday is what day? According to human's prediction, it is going to fall on 521, which means May 21st if I'm not mistaken.

I am a Christian and I believe faithfully that whoever who believes in the Lord, who is the king of the kings, he shall be saved. And if that day really comes, do not fear. It is the day when God is coming back for us. He said He will be back and we Christians believe His promise to us. So, be rest assure of it. God made His promise and He will fulfill it with no doubt.

You gotta read the Bible to know His message. Pray and be strong in your faith!
The Bible tells everything we humans need to know.

There are indeed many questions and queries that stay mysterious to us. For example:

  • Why people in the past could live that long? Up to 600-900 years old? Fairy tale? 
  • How come we have so many types of races of people today? How did they come from?
  • Don't try to kid me that Adam and Eve created all the humans in the Earth today? Then everybody is brother and sister! We are all biologically the same then!
  • How does Heaven looks like?
  • How does God looks like?
  • How can God tells that He can cleanse our sins by just as simple as asking for forgiveness sincerely? Joking with me? 
  • And so forth-- 
People will not stop questioning why because: 
they do not believe at all. 

When you don't open up your heart to feel His presence within you, you certainly will not stop asking all these silly questions which nobody can answer you except God Himself. 

I realized this as some non believers tend to ask me all these funny questions which made me speechless. And when I couldn't answer them, they think that I'm not clear with my belief or they might think that the God I'm believing in is just somebody who exists in a fairy tale book called Holy Bible. Then, I started to notice that, I'm not God and certainly, I couldn't answer questions which I don't know. I'm not the creator of the Earth. You don't ask me why the sky is blue, why we need to breathe in order to live? You have gotta ask God when you see Him yourself. 

God never forces anybody to believe in Him. I couldn't remember where did I read this but I remembered I did. God gave everybody a chance to believe in Him, to repent and turn to Him. However, if one choses to run away and give up on that chance, you have only yourself to be blamed on the very last day.

Another frequent question that always arises is: 
How sure are you that God exists?
Do you see Him?
Does He answers whatever you have said to him, verbally? 

Often, it is true that God doesn't answer us directly face to face and verbally. However, we communicate with God through Jesus Christ and the holy spirit. Jesus Christ is the truth, the way and the life. We don't have to see something in order to believe its existence. The theory is the same as, "Does love exists? Does hatred exists?" Yes! Isn't it? We all have experienced such emotions before. You know exactly how it is like feeling loved and agitated. So, can you tell me now, how you can feel such thing and how you know they exist? 

Ladies and gentlemen,
Brothers and sisters,
My fellow friends as well as my enemies,
and lastly those that I know and those whom I don't, 

I hope that you could open up your heart today, 
and know that He is the real God among all before it is too late. 

The movie 2012 has brought an outcry to the public regarding doomsday. It is the starter of the fear for most people. After watching that movie, everybody tends to be nervous and worried over what will happen in 2012. Will everybody just disappear in catastrophe brought by God, due to human's fault? Or what is it going to be? 

The content in 2012 may be true but in the Bible it is stated that when God comes again, He will end it with fire and not water (during Noah's time). You don't ask me what is the reason God wants to do this but I believe that He has His reason. 

The fear is a reminder to you that the day is coming very soon. Be well prepared spiritually. 

Devoted Christians, stand firm, pray hard, do not let your faith decrease because there are many more out there who needs your support and guidance to the right track. 

Repent, repent, repent! 


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