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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Linguistics "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"

. . . . S T A T U S 
Mood : = // humph..

A continuation of the previous post..
University life..

I really begin to dislike this kind of life.
Everybody is that busy until I find studying is so troublesome to my life.
= / Aww that's so negative!
I got really sicked of doing so much work in a short time,
having the feeling that "Oh, the test is going to be tomorrow! Shit!"
I don't like the feeling of waiting for such thing to happen-Test/Exams

I wanna scream~

Linguistics killed me~

You know what Linguistics is?
It is something which we apply everyday!
It is a study of languages.
What does that mean?
Ahhhhh I hate those~

This is something very general about what Linguistics is all about. 
For this coming mid exam, we need to study:
1. What language is?
2. Phonetics
3. Phonology
4. Morphology

It's OK if you have no idea what (2), (3) and (4) are. 
You are excused because you are not a linguist or a student like me who is forced to study it. 
Phonetics: Provides the means to describe the phones(sounds) of language, showing how they are produced and how they vary. 
Phonology: How various sounds form patterns to create phonemes(word, usually) and their allophones.
Morphology: The study of words formation.

You know what is this?
This is the freaking book that I have spent few nights reading it. 
= / I wouldn't say it is totally tedious but it really needs a lot of effort and patience when you read it.
I.. simply.. don't.. like.. to read this kind of book~ 

Oh I didn't use the right camera feature to snap this.. 
So it's a little blur. 
Anyway, can you see how wordy the book is?
And, can you imagine how boring it is to study something so wordy and unfamiliar?
T.T I don't know a single thing about it.. 
There's so many terms which I find them really confusing because they are quite alike.
E.g. Phonology, Phonetics, Phonemes, Phones, Allophones 
They all mean something different. 

There are rules when come to how to pronounce words.
You don't simply pronounce words according to what you like.
Unless you create your own language. 
So, these confusing and annoying symbols are under the title called Phonetics 
Yes, phonetics teaches you how to pronounce words accurately. 
It's really very helpful actually because I have finally learned how to pronounce 'th' sounds properly.
However, I find it hard to memorize all the symbols.
I'm still not very familiar with them. = (

Vowels monothongs and vowels diphthongs 
Some words examples aids in memorizing the sound better.

Here are the consonants~
There's a lot to memorize
and I really don't like looking at so many symbols at one time.

Are you giddy?
Because I am.

I find this diagram quite useful. 
It tells you exactly the parts of the tongue as well as other speech organs. 

= ( I don't want to talk about Linguistics anymore.
I'm going to puke soon. = (
It is undeniable that the knowledge I have gained from Linguistics is very beneficial in self enrichment,
but still it creates stress on me at the same time. 
And it makes me feels like screaming from the 18th floor~
Don't ask me why 18~

Yesterday while we were having meeting in my room for EC 1 Forum, his god mother suddenly came to our hostel and would like to see me. Ah, it was so sudden and shocking, I was not very much prepared. He knew it earlier but he did not tell me! Humph! Anyway, his god mother is really a very nice and friendly lady. = ))

His God Mother gave us these biscuits 
It's so yummy!
Thank you very much!!!

She brought us to have tea break at C Kopitiam which used to be Uncle John last time. Well, the food and service were really disappointing. How I wish I know more places and able to bring them to better places.. 

Do not be surprised with that kind of silly looks above. They were snapped without my notice by him. Well, I was crazy over KFC lately, I don't know why.. Luckily, I'm starting to feel dislike now. So, that can resist me from visiting the KFC that frequent.

I did pretty badly for Forum presentation today. = ( Sigh.. I admit that I was not really well prepared. It was my first time losing my voice half way during the presentation. I hope that this will not happen again because I have a few really important presentation tests going on this week. I cannot afford to do badly. I'm really sorry to my group mates if my performance affected the flow of the forum. =(


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