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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Straightening + Perming at 11 a.m.

. . . . S T A T U S 
Mood : wheeeee XD

The day has finally arrived.
I went to the saloon.
Do my hair.
Straighten or perm? 
Perm or straighten? 

@@ Ahhhhhh

I finally go for straighten again~ 
Yes, the tedious rebonding. 

We depart from IPDA at 9.50 a.m. to KYLIE saloon. We went to have our breakfast first.
We walked to the saloon which was nearby when the clock's needle hit 10.30 a.m.
I waited for half an hour (11 a.m.) for my hairdresser. 
Meanwhile, he helped me to snap a few photo of my BEFORE look.

Back view.

Side view.

Oh yay, my face. 

Straightening your hair is a very long winded process, 
which requires a lot of patience. 
And of course, it's not that cheap if you want your hair to stay at least 0.001% healthy.
Cuz rebonding or perm, any kind of chemical approach to your hair, 
is equally bad, bad and BAD.

So, for this time, I spent quite a lot on my hair. 
I felt a little bad though cuz my budget initially was only RM 150 +
It ended up to be RM 234 in the end.
= / Expensive uh?
I also feel that it is expensive. 
My pocket bleed as well as my heart did. 
The reason why it was far more expensive than the anticipated price was:
The package I took was RM 199 (MK cream)
With a small cylindrical bottle of what she called don't know what fume RM 35
She advised me to take this package because I highlighted my hair earlier.
So, in order to protect my hair from breaking, she added the RM 35 product in the cream.
Sigh. I hope it works.. Or else.. T.T 

So, this is what I get for the RM 199 package.
 The actual price for this hair treatment is around RM 40 +
So, + -, my rebonding still belongs to the RM 160 + package. 
According to her, the cream that they used for more expensive package will be better.
I hope so she was telling the truth.

And yes, 
I got myself a VIP card after spending more than RM 100 at that saloon.
This is my last year in Kedah. 
I wonder will I be using this card.

Anyway, this is KYLIE. 
Very small.

Anyway, let's go back to the process of hairdo. 

It is my turn!
11 a.m. strikes the clock!

The first application of cream: Rebonding cream.
It functions to soften your hair and allows the chemical to go through them.

Oh say cheeese!

La la la la la..
I hate the process of doing rebonding.
If I am not accompanied, 
I'm really lazy to do it.
Heck care how messy my hair is going to be similar to a lion's one.

My boyfriend was bored I guess. 
Everybody loves camwhoring.

I came along with Moganis too.
She went for perming. 
So, let's see her progress now. 
Mine took double of the time to be done. 

PS# Moga, if you want to save the photos,
please click on the photo. 
It will direct you to another window which is the original size of the photo.
In the blog, I will reduce it smaller. 
Oh yay, say cheese to Moga!
This is taken before the perming.

Very long hair..
@@ Mine is 2 times shorter?

Side view.
Oh yay, waiting impatiently uh huh?

I was not quite sure what took place in her perming process.
Anyway, this was what happening to her hair.

It was near the end of the final results. 
Ah, so fast.. 
Mine was like still half way only..

Oh yay! 

Moga's desired curly hair. 
XD She was very happy with the results.
Well, it was indeed not bad! ; )

OK back to me... 

This is after the first time iron after the straightening cream (1st cream) is applied.
Well, well, well, I just read an article saying how bad rebonding is to your hair.
Well, I know.. but what to do?
I'm born with such a messy head of hair..
I need to do something to get them neat. T.T
I wish my hair isn't like that too. 

Now,it is the application of the second cream (neutralizer)
Well, from the article I read, 
it said that the first cream (rebonding cream) is meant to break the bond of your hair.
Then the second cream (neutralizer) acts as neutralizing your hair.
So, it's like - + thing, just like the theory of shampoo + conditioner. 

Very cooling and chill sensation.

Wonder what is this?
I didn't know saloons have such thing.

It's called ears protectors.
Well, the name is given by me la~
It functions to protect your ears during the iron process. 
Pretty smart invention.

Chiang chiang chiang!
My new look VS old look
My boyfriend snapped this at KFC. 
We had lunch in KFC to avoid sweating.
Any huge difference?????
I hope you say yes cuz I want to listen the answer is 'yes'. =P

There's still some highlight there.. 
I don't know when I want to dye them. 

Why the facial expression is so?
Ask him.
I do it upon his request.

Side view..
Most of the back highlighted hair has been chopped last time.

We went for the saloon together. 

And get our hair done together too.

Oh I hate how pathetically small my eyes are!

Thanks for the accompany!
= / Why my arms are like that = /// 
T.T Don't focus on it!!!

Some SS photo in the room. 


My face has a lot of excess flesh.. 
= / I wish I could donate some to him. 

With specs, I look very much like a professional. 
Don't I?

Oh yay, smile, the world is going to be brighter.

Next, I went to sleep for 2 hours.
I didn't had enough sleep last night. 
@@ I probably will dye my hair later. 
We'll see one week later...

No criticisms please.
Cuz, I don't wish to know/hear. 
I just want to listen to good things. =P

Oh btw, the whole straightening process took about 5 hours.
The hairdresser is a woman and she did it very precisely. 
Phew.. I nearly gone mad because of her slowness and teliti-ness.
Anyway, it's good that she was doing properly for me. 

I have difficulty bathing in the hostel. 
= / But don't worry. 
I don't stink! ; )


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