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Friday, April 15, 2011

1 week update

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : sigh

I spent the whole last night studying GERKO. And for today, I spend it on nap and drama. I have not done any reading for today. = / Honestly, I don't feel like doing anything today. I feel really stressed up and I need a break. = / I don't like this kind of life. It's making my life up and down. I need a b r e a k.

I feel that I am going to fall sick soon. I am having running nose. Jared Gan, a friend of mine used to tell me that there is a difference between running nose and flu.

Flu comes along with fever and stuff.

Running nose is just having some mucus in your nose that causes discomfort in breathing.

In simple words to say, you are lucky if you only get running nose. Your condition is much worse if you are having a flu.

Anyway, here's some photo updates..

Emily gave me this. 
It's the Chinese meat dumpling.
It's more commonly known as Bak Zhang/Kuih Chang

It's the Nyonya Bak Zhang without the blue colour on the glutinous rice.

This is my first time eating Bak Zhang with egg yolk in it.
I really love egg yolk very much. 
Especially the ducks'.

Thanks Emily for the supper!

I've been carrying out the saving money plan lately. I spent nil on money for THREE SOLID days. I survived by eating those stuff that are available in my room: home cooked noodle (NOT maggiee mee), biscuits, oat and cereals. 

If you were to ask me, I got the temptation to eat or no- The answer is YES of course! It was so tempting to keep yourself away from the cafeteria when everybody was rushing towards it after class. Tsk.. 

On the forth day, I surrendered. So, here's the FABULOUS meal that I da pao from the hostel cafeteria. I got it quite cheap that day. I only paid RM 3.30. It is supposed to be RM 3.50.  

All are my favourite food! 
Fried chicken with black ketchup
Salted egg (yummmmy)
Curry rice (Ok-ok)

Here's some photos of me and my bicycle. 
I have not taken any photos of myself on the bicycle ever since I bought it. 
The cute owner on the adorable mini bicycle that fits her size just NICE. =P

I'm in my Punjabi suite.

It seems to be a little blur huh?
I hate my shoes but you know what?
This pair of shoes is the best and most comfortable shoes among all that I have. 
I don't understand why teachers HAVE to wear this type of shoes. 
Why can't somebody just invent a pair of sport shoes that look formal, covered and black. 

Little bicycle v.s. motorbike.
Here's the straight road that I need to pass through everyday to go to my faculty.
Ha- It is a mini slanting hill. 
I exercise minimum two times a day. =P
It's tiring fyi cuz the bicycle is small and the wheels are small.
PS# Tiring not cuz of my weight! 
It is the size of the bicycle!

Can you see the slope???
It takes some effort to ride the bicycle when you reach there /\

It's a morning.. 

I wish some day I can have a photographer to snap some portraits for me.
I love portraits. 
Yet, I don't have one for now. 
A good photographer is able to capture the best view in the photos despite how opposite the reality is.

RM 1 ABC bought by my roommate for me. 
It was a hot afternoon. 
She was out for lunch. 
She purposely made a phone call to me to ask if I want one. 
Ah, how nice of her.. 

Alright, that's all with the photos.

Study? Sleep? Drama? Tsk..

GERKO test today made me speechless because I didn't expect it to be THAT difficult. = / It is way more difficult than I presume it to be. Sigh. I don't know if all my effort the night before is going to be productive or not.. = / I hope it will cuz I really had an awful night. Tsk.. 

Last and not least, my Grammar paper is coming very soon next week. Ah~ And very soon, everything is gonna be over. Till then, I'm gonna go for holidayyyy.. Yayyyy! I can't wait for it! XD


Sometimes, how I wish that we can have some thing that we want without the need of lying to anybody. 
How nice would that be.. 
I'm looking forward for that day.. 


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