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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home Sick + Finals = TSKKKK

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : so-so 

I slept near 3 am last night and I had to wake up at 7.20 am to prepare to go to class. I did not have enough sleep. Once I got back to my room, I spent 3 hours on nap. ZZZzzz..

Recently, I have been very, very, very busy with my studies. First and foremost, my finals are coming real soon. Next week. Then, I got myself a little tangled up in stress and tension web previously. I am a bit sad because my Listening and Speaking is not that good compared to the others. Obviously, you tend to compare when you get your results (come on, don't like and say you don't). I tried not to compare though cuz I understand the theory that: People tend to get sad because they try to compare with those better than them; likely if you can compare yourself with those who did worse than you, you should certainly be thankful for what you have.

Besides Listening and Speaking, I did averagely well for other subjects. = / I'm neither the best nor the worst but between average and slightly average. = / So, happy?

I'm a little stressed up apparently because I already know my course works marks. Sometimes, I feel that it is not a wise thing to do: to check your results prior finals. This will greatly reduce your confidence especially when you know you didn't do that well. Sigh. Of course, if you know you did quite well for your course works, you will feel happy and less worried for your finals. Then, you will start to be over confident~

All in all about my academic stuff.. I'm leaving it to God. I analyse my course works marks and create a little data table in my mind of how much I need to get in order to achieve a specific band. That's basically all I can do for my finals. This is my first semester of my first degree, I do hope that I can score with flying colours. After all, nothing comes easy along the path. It's getting more and more difficult. If I don't score now, that's it----


Just to share with you a conversation between my silly brother and I.
I said I feel like eating Malacca's Mian Fen Gao (a kind of food)
Then, he likes the post and put a LOL. 
Yes, you won't feel that way certainly cuz you are living comfortably at home. 
You get whatever you want.. 
Sigh, I do miss the time when I go to school in the morning,
come back home and do whatever things I want:
** Cooking whatever new recipe via videojug/other cooking website
** Experimenting new cookies with the electric oven
** Playing run and hit with my brother
** Playing the piano whenever I have the mood/get a new score somewhere
** Watch TV with my Mom and discuss the plot together
** Sleep in the conducive air-cond room
** Meet my friends and chit-chat till the owl has gone to bed
** Whenever you feel like eating, Mom's there to cook. Sometimes, you can even request your menu

Studying away from home, 
there are many things which I would feel like doing, 
but cannot be done temporarily. 

So for those who are studying your degree somewhere near your home,
you should really be THANKFUL!

Since CNY holiday till today, I'm still not home yet. 
It's like about 4 months before I can be home again.

Alright, Aunty's food is here. 
I have a lot to write actually but I have too much things to do at the meantime. 
Tomorrow I'm having GERKO mid test. = / Tsk..

Whoever that reads this, do pray that I do well in my finals!
I really put in effort this time.. 


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