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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Investigation of fake eggs in China. by FujiTV

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I saw this on Facebook. So, I decided to post it here to share with my readers. Can you believe that how horrible people are today? In my blog, I have posted a few posts on FOOD which I think you should really pay attention to. 


One of my lecturers commented that, 
"Japan is successful because Japan has the ability to copy and innovate to come out with better quality products."


"China is also an economically strong country because China is smart enough to go for quantity and degrade its quality." 

I have no say about the accuracy of the idea stated here but based on the video, it is needless for me to tell whether how great SOME China money suckers can be. They think only about MONEY and they neglect everything else, including humans' health. 

There are so many fake foods coming up in the market. 
Fake blueberries 
Fake eggs
Fake pig intestines 
Fake grapes
Fake what some more?

In the video, it stated a good point saying, "We do not make fake eggs but we produce HUMAN-MADE EGGS." 

Are you out of your mind? How can you possibly name a fake egg with a nicer name "human-made egg" and forget all the responsibilities you have as a seller to the community? This should be a very good example of euphemism.

My goodness.................... O.O 

Everybody is going to die FASTER than they should be. = / 

My conclusion : MONEY is the root of all EVIL


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