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Monday, April 25, 2011

Hostel Living Lifestyle: Good or Bad?

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Now the clock is showing 12.28 a.m. of 25 April 2011. I can gain back my freedom on 4.30 p.m. of 28 April 2011.

Count for me how many hours more to go?


Do you know what am I feeling right now?

Just like this /\ 

Can you figure out what is that feeling?? 

I'm not describing myself as the person who is blowing the balloon but I feel like I am the balloon being blown with maximum air. 

Like this. 
A big balloon with a timer, exploding anytime. 

My brain is full with all kinds of crappy definitions of Listening and Speaking stuff. = = " Name it, I think I almost memorized the whole book. Geez! I hate that seriously.. = / Yet, I am afraid of regretting later if I don't do my best for now. 

I will make sure, I will get my brain casts out EVERYTHING about Listening and Speaking after 4.30 p.m. = = " I somehow can feel that the words are as full as though they are going to be overthrown out from my oesophagus. That description is bad but that's exactly how I am feeling right now. I tried to digest everything through reading and memorization and now they are getting overloaded.


I'm not just typing craps for this post.
I have something to share with you guys.


Life in Hostel 

Horrible? Fun? 

Let's have a brief introduction before entering to this topic: Living in Hostel is horrible or fun. 

You know what I mean by living in hostel? I'm not talking about camping. I'm talking about LONG stay in the hostel as a student studying abroad. 

This is specially for those who are going to study abroad. 

From the study of psychoanalytic by Sigmund Freud, we are normally at the stage of ignorant and enjoy only pleasure, that is id (enjoying life) when we are at home. Why? This is because when you are at home, you just need to ENJOY! Why I say so? Continue reading. 

We gotta think things positively. 
So, I'm starting with the pros. 

Pros : Blue colour 
Cons : Red colour 

#1   FREE from home 
True. When are you staying outside (hostel), you are totally free from home restrictions like...
"Home Rule No. 1: No sleeping later than 12 midnight!"
"Home Rule No. 2 : No waking up later than 8 morning!" 
In addition, you don't have to hear those annoying baby crying, brothers quarreling noise. Geez!

#1   Homesick
True too. Most people will experience this- HOMESICK, especially girls and those amateur pre-adult teenagers who have not been away from home before. So what will happen when they feel homesick? C R Y~


#2   You have a roommate to sleep with you 
This is only being considered as good for those who do not like to sleep alone. I personally prefer to sleep alone. I feel more peaceful that way.

#2   No privacy 
When you are sleeping with somebody else, that means you gotta be more careful in many things such as changing clothes in the room. Not only that, you must always consider mutual benefits when staying together. For instance, you cannot talk on the phone for too loud/long in the room when your roommate is around. Why? Cuz most roommates are intolerable to noise as such. What kind of noise?
(a) Your crying noise when quarreling with your boyfriend over the phone. 
(b) Your mushy expressions and uncontrollable giggling with your boyfriend over the phone.  
 "Oh man! I feel like slapping the girl until she zips her mouth herself!" Awww... 


#3   You have a listener 
If your roommate is somebody who is a good listener who is patient and able to keep secrets, it is certainly a good thing. You can share with her all your problems, ranging from your grandmother story to your monthly period pain and the list blaa on. However, most people do not get such roommate I gotta tell you honestly! You gotta be smart in seeing who is the right person to tell your problems to. Or else, you will only end up making your life miserable with all your secrets spread everywhere around the campus and hostel.

#3   You have an enemy 
When your roommate and your personalities do not click, that means sooner or later, you guys are going to have a conflict. When one often disagrees and unable to accept the others' suggestions and opinions, try to imagine what will happen next? The little 4 walled room will end up becoming a place for civil war between you and your roommate. There will be something what you call as boundary line.


#4   "It's OK" 
That's very good when you have a roommate who is always OK with everything.
"Can I have the lights on tonight cuz I am not sleeping that early?" You said. 
"Oh no problem! I am able to sleep with the lights on. Go ahead!" Aww how nice..

#4   "Hell NO WAY!" 
Oppositely, when your roommate is somebody who is sensitive or a particular person, that's when you gonna have some troubles negotiating and compromising with him/her.
"Can I have the lights on tonight cuz I am not sleeping that early?" You said.
"Tsk.. When the lights are on, how can I sleep???"
That's really a headache. Tsk.


#5   Hardworking in doing hostel maintenance 
You are lucky if you get a roommate who will do hostel maintenance regularly without being purposely informed. Here's an example of a responsible roommate.
"I will do the sweeping and mopping." Hardworking roommate suggested. 
"Alright! Next round will be my turn then!" Cheers. Everybody is happy.

#5   Lazy in doing hostel maintenance  
The subtitle explains everything. Below is the conversation between a lazy and hardworking roommates.
"The floor is so dirty. It's like nobody is living in this room for ages." Hardworking said. 
"Hey I went to the cinema yesterday, I saw ----" Lazy is changing the topic.

The hardworking is mopping the floor. 
"Ah, so hardworking of you today!" The Lazy said.
"This is not the first and also the last time I'm doing. All these while, I'm the one doing it." Hardworking answered.
"...........I'm going to shower. See you!" The Lazy answered and went off.


There are actually many more but I'm going to share up to 5 today. It's 1.08 a.m. already. Hmm.. Lastly, I would like to include few practices that are frequently seen in hostel living lifestyle.
  • Throwing food waste into the sink and cause water blockage. Creating man-made "pool" with lots of food floating and half submerged in the water. Inconsiderate residents! 
  • Throwing pads into the toilet bowl. I don't understand why they do this.  
  • Hang TOTALLY WET garments on the place where we hang our clothes (the strings. tsk. I don't know what is it in English). I do not understand why they don't know how to squeeze their clothes moderately dry at least before hanging them? I hate this most when people living in the 2nd or 3rd floor do such thing cuz their dirty water droplets are dropping on my clean clothes!  
  • People screaming and laughing like nobody's business and their voices are heard clearly by everybody from the same block. It sounds like as though there are some hysteria cases going around in the hostel. = = " Can you imagine how hard and loud they are screaming and laughing until I can hear it despite not seeing where they are? Fyi, this is very common at any hour of the day and night. Tsk. Note# Birthday celebrations are excluded. 
  • People taking off the shower head in the bathroom. This is difficult to imagine unless you see it yourself. A shower has a shower head which diverges the water into many smaller droplets (I'm bad at describing this). There's some inconsiderate idiots I don't know who are fond to taking off the shower head when they bathe and not putting them back as how it is supposed to be originally after they are done bathing. This causes trouble to other users because NOT everybody loves to bathe with shower like waterfall water falling from the top of the mountain! These people bring pails into the bathroom and that is why they feel that taking off the shower head is easier for them to fill the pail with water. Tsk. I'm guessing. 
Oh well, basically these are the main dissatisfactions I have for hostel living lifestyle.

Living in a hostel means living with sharing basis.
However too bad, there are just people who do not understand this simple concept.
They take everything for granted and proclaimed everything to be theirs without being considerate to other residents.
How selfish, how foolish they are..!
They made me angry sometimes.

Good night everybody!

I'm counting down the days..
4 more days to go - - -

Oh and Happy Easter to everyone..
God' peace with you.


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