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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Photo Editing =P

. . . .  S T A T U S 
Mood : so-so

So far, I have completed 2 exams and there are 3 more to go on the list. I'm going on a vacation straight after my finals. Hehe.. =P I can't wait for it!

I feel that I have the urge and NEED to post about this:

I seriously get irritated each time I look at my tag board flooded with so many fake advertising comments. Tsk.. *slaps forehead* You seriously do not know how irritating it is.. Despite I'm hoping to see something truthful and sincere, I see a whole list of people trying to advertise their sites and put a comment there "oh nice blog!" "Very good.." and blaaa..

I feel that you are USING my blog as a medium to propagate your site which makes me feel that you are humiliating my blog. You try to make me believe that you read whatever crap or non-crap that I have written but the fact is you DON'T!

I'm so sorry to say all these but I really can't stand it anymore!

PS# If you are one of them, please STOP it. I do not like it. Frankly speaking, I will not visit any of the sides you guys are promoting here. So, save your energy and post it somewhere else where by people would appreciate your "work"?


OK, I'm done with that. I really hope that I won't be seeing that anymore.


He drew one. 
Interpret the drawing yourself?

= = " This is something very memorable.
He drew this when we were in semester 1 (18 years old)


A bite of the super sourish strawberry makes all my hair stand!
It's damn sour anyway!
RM 5.10 for about 20-25 strawberries.
I have not been eating much fruit lately.. 
Bought these strawberries as vitamin booster!

My breakfast for this morning. 
Strawberries + oat
Sour + mid-sweet oat.
I need to finish up all the 3-in-1 oats before holiday.
It's been there for a few months already. 
Now I realised that,
 "I hate to buy big packet instant beverages whereby inside got many smaller 3-in-1 packets."
cuz, I will NEVER finish it!
Then you know what will happen next?
It will EXPIRE

I <3 this!
Tomyam maggie BESAR tak mau sayuk 
Cost: RM 4.50
Place to get it: Cafe Hostel IPDA
Very expensive but I <3 it very much!


I feel that I have done not bad for the first grammar paper. However, I think I did quite badly for Linguistics. T.T I was really very sad that day. I did many careless mistakes which I'm not supposed to. T.T 


The next paper coming up next is Listening and Speaking. = / I really hope I can at least get an A-. It's rather difficult though. I can only afford to lose 4%! T.T No hope.


A nice quote from me to everybody: 


In everything you do, it is fine once you have tried your best---
The results may not always be that good even if you have worked very hard for it.


I'm experimenting with some photo editing websites.
Everything has became so advanced now!
You can edit your photo into any kind of shit you want WITHOUT using Photoshop!
Of course, I believed that Photoshop still has its specialties which these free websites don't have

I like this photo.
I put in the words using Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Seriously, I don't like the latest versions of PS. 
I prefer 7.0 the best!
This is taken with C 905 cybershot. 

This looks so stupid!


Thank God I don't wear braces! 


Want to try yourself?


  1. damn funny la ur pics!!!!


    n hello...people who wear braces dun look THAT bad!!! come one...

  2. Hehehehe.. Braces may look good on others but definitely not on me mar..