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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Domino's Pizza

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I have lived for almost 20 years of life on this contemporary world yet I have never did any delivery order. Can you believe that? Alright never mind cuz I know you are the same as me. ^^

I am craving for Domino's Pizza since last night. This is one thing about me.. Once I crave for something, I will find my way to get it. And once I have what I want, then my temptation will be greatly reduced. = = " Good or bad thing?

Anyway, let's come back to the subject for today. I want to talk about my process of ordering Domino's Pizza online. Great and cool experience I must say!


Domino's Pizza

What is it?
Another brand of pizza. Just like Pizza Hut, Shakey Pizza or US Pizza.

Domino's Pizza is number 1. Shakey Pizza is last (I can't remember when is the last time eating it).

I am very particular with pizza crust. I find Domino's Pizza best.

Yes! Stop going Pizza Hut that freaking place that requires you to pay tax and stuff. = = " Try Domino's Pizza! They promise better privileges! We are consumers. Rock on!

Domino's Pizza Privileges:

  1. Great promotion for Internet order currently (I can't remember till when but within this two months. Try your luck!)
  2. Really addictive pizza crust!
  3. NO delivery charge! I mean FREE DELIVERY!
  4. NO tax! No service tax. No governmental tax. No whatever tax that you see in other fast food outlets.
  5. The price you see is the final price inclusive EVERYTHING. 
  6. If your pizza doesn't reach you in 30 minutes, you will be given a coupon of free regular pizza. Cool? VERY!
  7. Domino's Pizza Express Card which costs RM 50 that lasts for 1 year enables you to purchase any pizza and receive a free pizza of the pizza that you bought. I.e. If you purchase a large pizza, you get one large pizza in return. This is recommended for those pizzas lunatic.
  8. If you order via delivery, you can pay them with cash when they arrive at your house. You can also pay through webcash alternatively. This is good for students especially who do not have whatever complicated card/credit card/webcash/mepcash/ah-whatever..
  9. Call their toll-free number 1-300-888-333 to make your order.
  10. Or simply log in to the Internet and order directly. ;) 
Quick link to Domino's Pizza F&Q coupons

Domino's Pizza homepage website

My experience with Domino's Pizza

I made my order sharp at 7.35 p.m. Then, I started to look at the clock, hoping that the delivery man will be late so that I can easily get a free redeem coupon. Ah, too bad, my evil thought doesn't turn real. He is punctual, in fact, so much earlier that really surprised me. 

This is something really interesting about ordering online. 

You should be seeing this when you finish all the process of ordering.
You can see that there are 7 rectangular buttons in gray, red and blue colour.
They are the process buttons. 
Gray means it has been done.
Red means it is ongoing.
Blue means it has yet to be done. 

After coming out from shower.. 
The last rectangular button was red in colour. 
I'm really surprised at its speed.

The technology today is really very advanced, isn't it?
I'm really amazed.

Beeep beeep beeepppp (does this sound like motor horn to you?)
Pom pom pom pom pom----- (or this sounds better?)

Anyway, the delivery man has arrived with the horns. 

I ordered using e-coupon. 
Every registered user has 1 e-coupon (for a limited time).

I bought 1 large (8 pieces) pizza and get a free regular (6 pieces) pizza. 
Everything costs only RM 32.80. 

Jiang jiang jiang jiang~~
My first experience of ordering via online pizzas~

It's still HOTTTT when they arrive at my home.

BBQ chicken 
Rating : 4/10 
Too much vegey for me!

Aloha chicken
Rating : 10/10 
You must definitely try this if you are ordering the first time!

Look at the heavy cheese toppings.. 
Gosh.. They taste real good
Combining with the crust is fabulous! 
Ha- I'm loving it!

I bought these pizzas for my family as a treat. It's nothing much but a little dedication from me as part of the family who is currently working. Ha- I have yet to receive my pay and I'm so generous in spending money. @@ 

Domino's Pizza, BEST!
Malacca has 2 outlets! 


  1. i want!!looks so tasty!!!!


  2. Order online if you have an outlet in Genting? Tastes really good. Better than Pizza Hut!

  3. dont have la outlet in genting!!! if got oso cnt deliver..stupid ryt???

  4. Bwahaha.. Yea hor.. Nvm lu. You see my photos and enjoy vision-ly can ady. Haaaaaa