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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am PROUD to be a Malaysian Chinese (irresponsible China blogger, get a life!)

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I'm going to blog something serious today. Blogging has been a tool for people to express their thoughts as well as humiliating others directly or indirectly. I was browsing Facebook and come across this link. It's a blogger from China who wrote an article regarding her perceptions on Malaysia's Chinese who think that it is unfair to receive such treatments from the government.

Above is the direct link to the post and her blog. Have a look. It's in Mandarin btw. 

Below are the pictures of the irresponsible blogger. Pretty bitch

Below is the extracted article written by her on 3rd of December 2010. 


 (2010-12-03 09:34:46)



The highlighted words/sentences are words which I think greatly humiliate Chinese in Malaysia. 

I have a few reasons to object whatever crap written by this blogger. 
  1. You are not a Chinese born in Malaysia. You have no freaking idea what is going on here and that is why, you have NO rights at all to comment anything on this.
  2. You are a NOBODY but a blogger who intends to get famous through writing such post. You are NOT a politician or what. 
  3. You are just a lame bitch that thinks you are a smart ass but actually in fact, you are just as stupid as shit. 
I am a Chinese who is proud to be born in Malaysia, a land that consists of majority 3 races. I admit that there are certain circumstances where by Malaysia don't seem to be very fair to every races of its citizen but Malaysia is after all a place that is full with beauty peace that China doesn't have! Every country and its citizens are unique. They have their specialty and of course the ugly sides of it. Dare you say that China is perfect with NO discriminations or biases going around? Yes, Malaysia has bias, my class has bias, some of my friends are bias, some of my lecturers are bias, bias is EVERYWHERE. You can't stop them from happening. I don't believe if you were to say that China is a country full with justice, everybody, I repeat EVERYBODY is given equal treatment! 

Why I am proud to be Malaysian Chinese and NOT China Chinese? Ever since I am born in Malaysia, my nationality is Malaysia and I am proud to be part of it. If you were to ask me whether I would like to return back to my so-called country, China, my answer would definitely be a great NO! Why? This is because:
  1. Malaysia is a peaceful country free from catastrophes like earthquake and etc. The most we have is just flood that happens at everywhere except desert I guess. 
  2. Malaysia is able to have 3 races living together. It is untrue if I say there are no problems at all. At the very least, Malaysia citizens can survive for so many years sharing the land with different races. Can China afford to have other races like Malaysia does and still live peacefully?? I doubt it.
  3. Malaysians are advanced in different languages. Averagely Malaysians can speak at least 3 languages: Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu (our national language) and English. What about Chinese from China? Perhaps there are SOME of you who can speak pretty well English but majority of you CAN'T! Still, we win you because we know 3 languages! 
  4. Malaysia doesn't practise cruel way of reducing population like killing baby girls! Look back at your history book! 

I don't care if our ancestors have done anything that caused whatever it is to the generations after today. All I know is, we are living very peacefully, at the very least, we are all fighting our little bits of rights. So, little whatever China blogger, your words greatly humiliate us and I really hope that somebody with authority could return us some justice regarding this matter. An apologize is definitely a must from this irresponsible blogger who thinks she knows everything but nothing at all. 

At here, I would like to disclaim that I am NOT humiliating China Chinese because I think that, every country and its citizens are unique. You have your own uniqueness as well as Malaysia does. So, I'm here to express my unhappiness regarding reading such absurd article that has no root of truth at all. 

Blog is a place to express thoughts that can be really offensive to others. I have made a report and I really hope that the blog master will carry out some actions regarding that matter. Chinese in Malaysia has our pride as well. No matter how unfair Malaysia is to us, it is still our beloved country after all. We need not an outsider to interfere such sensitive issue. 


At here, I would like to remind everybody. Blogging is fun, reading blog is also fun but using it as a tool to express some distorted message could be really very offensive to the whole nation. A sorry from you may not be able to resolve the anger that you have created in us. 

1 Malaysia!


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