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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Malacca Trip Episode 4 : 1 Day Tour in Historical Malacca Land

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First of all, happy public holiday to everyone and myself! ; ) No work today, so I'm happy. Hehe =P

So, I'm gonna blog about my Malacca Trip Episode 4 today.


I've made the content as a quick reference to all episodes of Malacca Trip. 




Episode 4 : 1 Day Tour in Historical Malacca Land 

It's almost reaching the end of the last few days of boyfriend's trip in Malacca. So, we decided to go for some photo shooting in Malacca historical places. ; ) I am gonna miss him for 4 months! Huhuhu..

This post is going to be FULLY LOADED with real HUGE photos. ; ) Enjoy. 

Most of the photos will have 2 sets. One is him and another is me.

Sukan Malaysia XII Melaka 2010 


Last night, didn't sleep well huh?
Dating with me also feel sleepy? *punch you* =P

Bomba Car

It's a replica I think. 


Couple photo.

In front of the train.

I can't find the bull car. (kereta lembu)
They used to have it there.. 
When I was young~ 
Then, now it's no where to be seen. = (

 Canon in front of A Famosa

Act cute~ =P


Under special request expression. =  = " 

A Famosa door

A Famosa sign board?

I like this! 
Rounds and rounds.. 
Circles and circles.. 
And, small me! ; ) 

At the door path.. 

The printings on the wall looked really _________
I don't know how to describe but they really look authentically unique. 

Waiting for the sky to drop gold~

I don't like this expression, boyfriend. = = "

It's my upper thigh that's big I guess. 

Horrible photo of mee...

No comment.

I started to sweat already
So, I won't look OK here. = = "

Can't really see his expression well, uh huh ?

Hungry already?
Bad posing, boyfriend.

At the hill there.. 
I look damn slim here. 

Boyfriend took this. 
I begin to like my small leg. 

Another one!

People snapped for us.

 The memorial plate
There are many memorial plates there.
We both picked one that we like most.

He likes this.


Little Window

I'm beginning to feel giddy and sicked..

Boyfriend "Cause we are at a high altitude place. The pressure caused you to feel giddy."
Me "Yes uh???? Who say~~ @@ "

Small Building on top of the Hill

This photo's focus is the Taming Sari
I wanted to sit that at first but he didn't want to.
So, next time la~

Us with Taming Sari

I really don't like the photographer!! 
Why I look so ___ ... T.T

A Famosa Wall 
It's genuine.

Boyfriend, funny bo?

This looks better?

We are coming to an end of the photo shooting.

Artificial house.


Turn, turn, turn my fortune..

The end of photo shooting. 
I'm tired.


Then, we went to Dataran Pahlawan to get the chill sensation. 
We were freaking HOT at that time.
Or maybe, only me~
Cuz I sweat easily =X

We went shopping. 
I saw FOS having sales. 
Without hesitation, I entered and picked up a few. 
And, I bought them.  = = "
I'm really good in spending money. Tsk..

I bought 3 T-shirts for RM 50. 
Expensive? =X

Stop looking at my chest!"
Can you read it?


Then, happily, we went to watch a movie together. 
I really love this kind of life. 
Going to movie with boyfriend. 
Dating with him despite how busy my usual daily routines are. 
= ( He's away now.. Huhuhu..
I bet I'm gonna be really hardworking and motivated if he's around. 
Then, I will always be thinking, "Oh, it's OK to work because after that, I can go dating! *wink*"
Too bad, it's all.. dreams. Sigh.

We watched The Roommate. 
It's a 18 SG movie. 

It's a Wednesday
We managed to get the RM 6 ticket without showing our student pass. 
It's past 6 p.m. already. 
I love to watch movie. 
Anybody offer to accompany me for any on Wednesday??

It was very rushing. 
We wanted to watch Red Riding Hood at first. 
Then, due to time problem, we decided to watch The Roommate. 

I love the feeling of rushing to the cinema last minute.
Ha- It's a kind of thrill and fun which are unexplainable but explicitly COOL!

So coincidental, I met Christina and another girl from my former school. 
We were just sitting side by side. 

The Roommate is about a story of a roommate (obviously) that was having psychology problem.
She deadly wanted to protect her roommate, ended up harming and killing others. 
Lastly, the truth revealed and this crazy roommate died. 
The end. 
Horrible review from me. 
Don't trust me, watch it yourself. 

We bought 1 regular pop corn 1 coca-cola. 
He was hungry at that time. Huhuhu.. 
I really missed it.. 


Boyfriend was hungry.
Then, we walked to Huang Chao.. 
Stupid me.. I even thought that I went to the wrong way..
The truth is, I have yet to reach! 
Cuz I felt that I have walked very long but still I didn't see the restaurant. 

I "I am lost........."
Passerby "Need help?"
I "No thanks~" 
Tsk. I'm a Malaccan OK!! 

Good lighting?

He doesn't like the flash.

Very dark............

I seriously hate this photo 
but I love the sharing water part..
T.T Dilemma..
I know you know why I hate this photo.
I don't know why..........
I don't look like THAT normally!!!

Boyfriend, this is a joke for you. 

Wa Tan Hor
Yuen Yang
It's a set meal.

I can't remember the dish name.

Large fries

He's saying bye bye to me soon..
Ahhh.. T.T

Huang Chao, directly in front of Senyum Super. 
I will remember you. 

That is all for today.


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