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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day!

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : happy

I went to work as usual today. I knew that it is Teacher's Day. I also thought that there will be no celebration for me. Unknowingly, Teacher Regina actually prepared a little celebration for us. She said that, the celebration this year is a little small because the students have exams. So, they can't afford to have a mega celebration. Anyway, this is really an unusual experience for me.

Teacher Celia came in with a plastic that got two brownish boxes. It's Domino's Pizza! I have never tried this pizza before! XD It's really tastier than Pizza Hut, Shakey Pizza or US Pizza. I love its crust! Salty and crispy.

My pizzas........ 

It's in the plastic bag. 
Each teacher has two. 
Hehehe.. Two different flavours one.
It's really RICH in cheese.

After eating the pizzas, I thought that was all for me. I saw some of the teachers received presents from students. As for me, I know I'm new so I don't expect to receive any.

Then, I saw Teacher Sherene received a present. It's a Tupperware. Then, I felt a little envy and thought, "how nice if I can have one too..".

Not long after that, Rhyann came with a present in her hand. She handed it to me. I was really very happy. XD

I <3 the note.
"To: Teacher Lydia
Happy Teachers Day
From Reiana and Rhyann Yeo" 
They are Teacher Regina's daughters.

It's a bag! 
It's kept in a small bag. 

Again, Happy Teacher's Day for all my friends in IPDA and colleagues. 
It's really a good experience for me.


I was very hungry, as usual, when I got home.
Without further ado, I went to the kitchen and prepared my meal.
I seriously love macaroni better compared to spirali.
Teaching is tiring. 
I need LOTS of energy! 


I only cook when I have the mood.
= / This is one of the dinners I cooked in this week.

Sprout beans? 
Ah, I don't know what its name is. 

It's supposed to be sweet sour chicken.
It ended into BBQ chicken.

Newly invented chicken-potato ball.
It's really soft and suitable for those who have toothache.

The soup base.

That's all for tonight. 
<3 I'm happy today. 


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