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Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding Dinner

. . . . S T A T U S
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I've updated a new photo for my blog's layout. It's the second version of Some People Say. <3 it!

Marriage is a lifetime insurance between spouse. 
"I do" is a promise that brings a man and a woman together to form a family

On the way in the car... 
I put on some light make-up and I managed to get my prom night heels on today! ;) 


Malacca Club building.
It's a new building, exactly behind old Senyum Super building.

There's a high class restaurant in it called Tai Thong.
Anyway, the wedding took place in Tropicana Grand Ballroom & Banquet @ Spring Garden.

Inside the ballroom.

Out of all photos displayed, I picked this. 
I find this pretty.
To me, others are too complicated. 
They are the main leads of the day. 
Happy new wed to the couple. 

Tai Thong Group of Restaurants 
It's a famous restaurant in KL. 
This is their first franchise in Malacca. 

Bridegroom : Eng Hong
Bride : Win Kwan 

The menu.
Well.. Usual restaurant has 8 dishes, this one only has 7 main dishes?
And.. The food they served for a table of 10 people are really JUST NICE only. 
Fyi, RM 700 per table. 

Tropicana Grand Ballroom & Banquet.

I'm so bored waiting for the first dish..
We arrived at 6 p.m. and they only started the dinner at 7.30 p.m.
Typical Chinese dinner. 
Not punctual. Sigh.

My mom who loves the camera but unwilling to admit.

I drank 2 glasses of red wine. 
The red wine tasted not too good. 

Daddy and Mommy.

We burnt some time by snapping photo.
6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. is quite a long time to wait.


F I N A L L Y . . . . 

My favourite is here! 
Hiak hiak hiak..
As usual, shark fin soup comes second.

I <3 this to the max. 
The reason why I'm so eager for wedding dinner is because of shark fin. =X

Oh oh, make it fast, I'm damn hungry~

My delicious original shark fin soup! 
XD I like to eat its original taste without adding vinegar. 

Dad gave me his and I managed to get an extra half bowl. 
So in total,  I ate 2 and a half bowls of shark fin soup?
I'm so happy!! XD
Rating : 11/10

Chicken with sesame fried skin.
Rating : 7/10

Oat fried prawn.
Rating : 7/10

My legs. 
My heels.
My prom night heels. 
Just showing you. 

Supreme abalone sauce fried rice.
Rating : 8/10

The yam-seng session.
It's always there in every Chinese wedding. 
I don't know what it symbolizes but it's a custom and must-to-do.
That's mom and the bridegroom, her cousin.

Second glass of red wine, poof!
At first, I only wanted to have 1 glass.
The waiter poured another glass for me under an Uncle's persuasion. = = "

You know what are these?

They are RABBITS!
Rabbits pau! 

It's so cute, isn't it!!

I don't feel like eating actually looking at how cute they are.

Hehehehe.. <3

They made the pau in such a shape.

They are too adorable to be eaten. 

Here's me snapping some photo with it before swallowing it.

It's dead.
It's lotus paste pau.

I like this photo of me actually. 
So, I made it bigger. 

Mom snapped this.
Rabbit pau and my wine glass.

I find this photo colour very pretty.
So, I made this big.
<3 <3 chocolates. 

Do not drink wine + beer together. You will get yourself drunk really easily. Don't believe, try it.

Remarks on Tai Thong Restaurant 
It's my first time eating at this restaurant. It is indeed high class and grand. However, I have only one aim coming to this place. That is to eat. So, I'm going to talk based on the food they served. 

Well, I think the food are just average. I don't find them extraordinary delicious. It tastes simple for me. Somehow, I prefer other restaurant's dishes? One bad thing about Tai Thong Restaurant is that they served their food VERY SLOWLY! This made me felt impatient because they were really TOO SLOW! It took near 20 minutes for a dish to be up. = = " At other places, the food they serve is fast. 

Next, I don't think the price is matching to it's quantity and quality. It's really very little. As I mentioned earlier, the food is really just nice. It's not going to be excess and in fact, sometimes it can be in the state of deficiency. 

Frankly speaking, I wouldn't really feel like coming to this place again. 

- - - - - - 

My outfit for the dinner.
It's my first time wearing dress with leggings. 

I just realized that I can use hair band with the ribbon clip this way.
Then, it's going to look like as though the hair band has the ribbon on it.

Some photos before going to take my shower and remove the make-up.
@@ I'm tired..

And very full..
@@ . . . Good night. 

Before that, I want to share 1 thing with you all.
Boyfriend did this.
It's his first experience and masterpiece using Photoshop.

Although it's very funny but I <3 it very much! 
XD Thank you dear!!! 


  1. nice dress..
    n i love your shoes!!!

  2. Thanks!; ) That dress and shoes are pretty old.. Hardly wear them.. @@

  3. but they r nice!!! hehehehe
    i guess they are the real treasures..heehhee

  4. haha.. perhaps. I'm trying to wear the shoes more often.. So that they don't rot in the closet.......... the place where we put shoes is called a closet or something else? closet seems to be a place for clothes. @@

  5. closet can be anything..closet for shoes or clothes or wardrobe or chill...hehehe =p

    and yea..u should..wear the shoes more often so that this one cn wear out fast and u can get a new one.hehe

  6. hahaha.. due to my heel injury last time, I hardly wear heels. I often wear flat sandals with paddling to protect my heels. Just that occasionally I will still get the heels out. I definitely won't wear it for shopping. Ha- For cafe outing, yea~