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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


. . . . S T A T U S 
Mood : = ) 

Exams are around the corner. I spent the whole day on unnecessary stuff. I quarreled with him, patched back, watch dramas, eat, sleep and talk--- I feel guilty now. x.x

I have a lot to update especially my experience of having Christmas in this small town Jitra. Many asked me why I didn't go back for Christmas with my family. Actually, to celebrate with family or no, this is not the most pertinent question. The real meaning of Christmas is a remembrance of Christ's birth. I feel that, no matter where I am, what important is I do not forget the reason to celebrate this meaningful day.

It has been a long-long-long time I have not been so busy preparing for Christmas. The last time I am involved in church's Christmas preparation was 10 years ago-- When I was still a 10 years old girl at Baptist Malacca Church, I acted as the good lady in the King Solomon's sketch. I was never good in acting but that year's acting was unforgettable. I am happy that I had once acted in front of the public.

I have been busy for about 1 week for the countdown of Christmas. He and I went to church for singing practice. He offered his knowledge in staging. He took part in the sketch as a tycoon. He acted very well. It was indeed a very successful sketch. Many people were very excited that night. We brought smiles back despite all the tiredness and lack of sleep effort.

I felt very happy because we could celebrate Christmas together. Not only that, I felt that we have gone through a lot throughout this year. My relationship is not smooth-sailing all the times. Many times, we felt that we were too tired to go on any further. However, the spark of love was not dead yet. It ignited again and again when we thought it was no longer going to shine again. I felt thankful that we are still in a relationship today. Through tears and joy, we made it to today. It is not easy. We learned a lot throughout this journey.

2011 is coming to an end very soon. Below are my New Year Resolutions: (I always say- but how many I manage to accomplish by the end of the year?? x.X)

  1. Improve my role as a daughter, sister and girlfriend. 
  2. Strengthen my faith in God.
  3. Masters the skills to play church hymns by chords.
  4. Slims down to 5X kg. 
Wish list for 2012:
  1. Better relationship with my brother. 
  2. Better relationship with my boyfriend. 
  3. Gains more acceptance from my course mates. 
My adapter and mouse cannot function properly at the time being. I am using the mini HP laptop to online. The screen is small and I need to use the touch-screen-mouse to move the cursor. It is not convenient but I am thankful that I at least have a laptop to watch dramas during my leisure time. I deliberately choose not to redeem a new adapter at the time being now. I know I cannot refrain myself from gaming and watching drama. Allowing myself to sink into the comfort zone: wide screen and good mouse will cause me to be drown in the entertainment world. I need to study.

I am looking forward for holidays. At the same time, however, I hope that it will not come that fast. Once holiday comes, this means that I need to separate from him for some time. I will miss him. x.x 

Leaving Jitra is going to be a reality in less than a month time. Will I miss this place? I think I will. It has all kinds of memories: bitter, sweet, tears and joy. I think I will miss my roommate. Despite the fact that we have different thoughts at times, we used to have silent grudges against one another, conflicts do not stay long between us. She has been a very good listener to me, whenever I faced any unhappy stuff in class. I wonder to whom I should talk to next time at UPSI besides him. Ha - 

It is getting late.. I think I will stop here. I wish I can write longer and upload more photos. I have so much to share. Thoughts.. I always have a lot of thoughts, that some people may not understand. Ha- 

Till here. 

Aja aja aja for finals! 
CNY, I am coming! 


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